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  1. iDeneb v1 10.5.4

    Justin wanted to drop a note to say that iDeneb v1.3 10.5.5 worked well with Asus a8nsli mobo. Onboard LAN was the only thing missing. Found this thread http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=125569 using the latest version (0.62.7) I simply ran OSX86Tools - Install Kexts - select 0.62.7 kext(i burned it to cd using a different computer) - restart and voila!! Beautiful. So I currently have OSX running on a SATA drive, installed from a SATA dvd burner with an old Nvidia 7600GT(QE and CI both seem to be running). On board AC850 audio working also. This was much easier than a previous install of JAS(sorry dont remember the version) LAN worked with that one straight away but getting QE/CI to work was quite the excercise. Anyways, thanks much
  2. nForce LAN driver

    Just wanted to say that this version 0.62.7.kext.zip worked for my asus a8nsli mobo running iDeneb v1.3 10.5.5 LAN was the only thing I had been missing. Very happy. I simply ran OSX86Tools - Install Kexts - select 0.62.7 kext(i burned it to cd using a different computer) - restart and voila!! Beautiful. So I currently have OSX running on a SATA drive, installed from a SATA dvd burner with an old Nvidia 7600GT(QE and CI both seem to be running. This was much easier than a previous install of JAS(sorry dont remember the version) LAN worked with that one straight away but getting QE/CI to work was quite the excercise. Anyways, thanks much
  3. Dual video cards?

    Just a little bump... hoping the right person with all the answers missed this the first time around.
  4. Triple Monitors / Dual Video Cards?

    I had a similar question on here a couple of weeks ago. Only difference is that I don't care if my 2nd video card works or not... I just want it to be able to be in the system so that when I boot other OS's it will be there and working. All I would like to be able to do is make OSX ignore my 2nd video card as when it is in the system it causes a kernel panic everytime. I run a 7600GT and the 2nd card is a 7100GS. When the 7600GT is running solo everything is fine but as soon as 7100GS gets in there I get a panic and cant remedy it without removing 7100GS. Has anyone tried 2 identical cards(non-SLI)? I tried adding the devid for 7100GS to the appropriate places but it had no effect. Just a side note... originally I had trouble getting QE/CI working with 7600GT and before I figured out that I was missing some of the geforce*.bundle files the system did ignore the 7100GS. Once I had the geforce*.bundle files and QE/CI supported then it starts getting the panic with the 7100GS.
  5. Dual video cards?

    Just wondering if anyone has played around with getting dual video cards to work. I am running JAS 10.4.8 with natit v02 on asus a8n-sli nforce4 mobo with XFX 7600GT dual DVI video card. When I was trying to get the 7600GT working to its full capabilities I originally had the 2nd video card in the machine. At that time I was getting dual display and res switching on the 7600GT and the system just pretty much ignored the 7100GS I had in the 2nd pcie slot. While trying to get the 7600GT working I removed the 7100GS just to be sure it was not getting in my way. Now that I have QE/CI running on the 7600GT I slipped the 7100GS back in and I get a kernel panic on startup. Pre-QE/CI when I had the 7100GS in there it was just a black screen on the 3rd monitor which is OK(better than kernel panic anyway). When the system was ignoring the 7100GS I would have been missing all the geforce*.bundle files in the extensions folder(getting these files back where they belonged ended up being the key to the 7600GT). I played around a little bit just trying to insert the dev id for 7100GS into geforce.kext but didnt make any difference... still a kernel panic. Would be fantastic if I could drive all 3 monitors but at the very least I would like to be able to make OSX ignore that 2nd video card again and still have QE/CI enabled on the 7600GT.
  6. QE/CI opengl with pcie 7600gt using natit .02

    Well turns out the missing geforce*.bundle files were necessary and completely solved the problem. Dual screens, res change and now... finally... QE/CI 'supported'! Like I had mentioned above my install DVD was not including geforce*.* in /system/library/extensions but rather putting them all in my backed up extensions folder. Maybe if I would have installed with the discs titan it would install those files? I dont know... I do know that installing WITHOUT the discs included titan was the only way for me to get to desktop initially. All I did was 1) Install natit (I was getting pretty much the same results from v01 and v02... the startup sequence was a bit different but the end result was the same... dual screens and res change) 2) restore and edit geforce.kext for dev id 3) restore the other missing files geforce2mxgldriver.bundle geforce3gldriver.bundle geforcemsgldriver.bundle geforcega.plugin geforcevadriver.bundle For diabolik, maybe you can include the 10.4.8 accelerated kexts(which rjm refers to here http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=45732) in your installer... then it wouldnt matter what files a person does or does NOT have, your installer would be universal. Just a thought but then again you probably thought of that already... after all this stuff is not rocket science.
  7. Anyone got CI/QE on 7800GT?

    ajr, thanks for the post. I had a JAS disc which also was not including all the necessary files upon install. Only difference for me was that I did not download the acelerated kext file but rather restored the missing kext files from my backup extensions folder. Why they were in there I dont know. The offending files were... geforce2mxgldriver.bundle geforce3gldriver.bundle geforcefxgldriver.bundle geforcevadriver.bundle geforcega.plugin I had already restored geforce.kext from my backup extensions folder but had been getting nowhere with any of the installers or manual install no matter what version of natit I chose. Anyway thanks BTW I run a 7600GT
  8. QE/CI opengl with pcie 7600gt using natit .02

    OK to date I have tried 1) Clean install plus uni installer 2) Clean install plus diabolik installer 3) Clean install and your above instructions trying natit dual v01 and v02 with no luck Closest I get is duals and res change working. My install DVD apparently does not install the geforce kext files by default. I dont know if this is normal but I always have to restore geforce.kext from 'Backed up extensions' folder. I tried with natit and no geforce.kext, with natit and with geforce.kext, with natit and edited geforce.kext. So far I have only edited geforce.kext to include my dev id. Also in the 'Backed up extensions' folder are a number of other geforce*.bundle and geforcega.plugin files... do I need these to be active in /system/library/extensions? Like I said they along with geforce.kext are not present after fresh install and I am not sure if they are supposed to be. Frustrating to say the least... at any rate I am done with the 'fresh installs', I have installed OSX on this machine probably 10 times and the romance is wearing thin. Thanks for all your input and let me know if there is some more info I can provide that I may have omitted.
  9. QE/CI opengl with pcie 7600gt using natit .02

    Back to where I started. Originally I had been manually adding and editing kext files and got myself dual screens, res change goodness but no QE/CI/opengl. I attempted DiaboliK's installer and got a black screen. I reinstalled fresh and ran diabolik's installer the very first thing after reaching the desktop and got a black screen on reboot. I managed to get myself back to a desktop but no duals and no res change. I reinstalled again and used the natit_uni installer which got me a single screen with res change(it was showing 2nd screen in 'arrange' but rotated 90' and no display on it). I noticed that after uni installer the geforce.kext was missing from /system/library/extensions. After doing a search I found it to be in the backup extensions. I restored it and edited it with my dev ID now I have duals back with res change but no QE/CI/opengl still. I have heard some mention of needing to get newer openglframework but am not sure how I can check to see if this is necessary or not. From what I can gather I would download the 10.4.8 update from apple.com, pacifist out the file and replace??? But how do I know if I have an old one? Would this possible explain it? What version of natit does the uni installer use so maybe I can try some others? Why do birds sing? Sorry for all the questions, I am admittedly noobish here so might be missing some very simple but crucial step of component of the process. Thanks for reading. BTW - everything since first diabolik installer run has been without the 7100gs i mentioned in the above post and only my XFX 7600GT
  10. QE/CI opengl with pcie 7600gt using natit .02

    Video card - XFX PV-T73G-UDE3 GeForce 7600GT 256MB Mobo - ASUS A8N-SLI nForce4 IDE hard drive of course as I found out quickly SATA would not work. Video card is PCIe and has dual DVI both with DVI-toVGA attached to a 19" wide at 1440x900 and a 15" at 1280x1024. I am not sure if this will matter but I am also using a 7100gs for a third screen which OSX seems to be ignoring. The fact that the third screen is not working in OSX is fine just as long as it is not causing problems having the second video card in there. I have just recently got OSX to boot with res change working. With a barebones install(no natit or titan) I would get to desktop but no res change. When including natit or titan in install I would always get black screen just after gray screen with apple logo. Many other attempts at installing natit resulted in black screen.
  11. Well I am so close I can taste it. After much poking and prodding I finally have JaS 10.4.8 with semthex 8.8.1 runing natit .02 on my AMD nforce system. I have dual displays running and the hard fought ability to change resolutions. The only thing I am missing is QE/CI and opengl Honestly I could care less about QE/CI but I would really like to have opengl working and I suspect these 3 go hand in hand. I have modified nvdaresman.kext,nvdanv40hal.kext,natit.kex and geforce.kext to reflect the proper ID for my card (0x039110de) and finally after alot of pain and agony have gotten this far but am not sure where to go to get my 3d acceleration working. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. asimovrobot