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  1. Excellent guide!! I have an Acer 5720 laptop and the only difference is the X3100 GPU. I will try this guide as soon as possible. Thank you
  2. JaS 10.4.9 Intel SSE3 Only Combo Update

    Everything works fine here. Needed SMB.CIFS fix, no need for loginwindow pkg. Thanks a lot JaS.
  3. Just installed. Everything works well!
  4. Installed without a problem!
  5. Presenting: Macfox!

    Two days using macfox. This is exactly what I needed. Firefox with Mac-Safari interface. Thanks again Pu7o!
  6. Presenting: Macfox!

    Great! Thank you Pu7o
  7. About This Mac crash solved *Properly*!

    Worked for me on an Asus P5GD1-VM/L motherboard. I have enabled CPUID in the bios and used your modified AppleSMBios.kext. Used JaS 10.4.8 reseed. The other motherboard I have (Intel 915GUX) worked with the original kext from JaS Thank you Paulicat!
  8. 10.4.8 without HPET/NX and SSE2

    Intel Pentium 4 speed 3 GHz CPUID (eax=0x01) EAX....: 0xf41 EBX....: 0x20800 ECX....: 0x641d EDX....: 0xbfebfbff
  9. Installed without problems using Semthex kernel. Added AppleAzalia and now sound works. Everything works very well except QE/CI in GMA900. Any suggestion? New kernel seems much better than the old kernel. THANKS AGAIN JaS, Semthex and Vitality. You are great!!!
  10. Good Bye

    Thank you for all your great work Jas. Plase don't go, we NEED YOU.
  11. NeoOffice Aqua Beta d/l link

    I have tried this app with several doc files and everything was fine. Speed is good, anyway much better than Microsoft Word under Rosetta. Thanks a lot lounger540!
  12. Dreambox and osx86

    Tiger assumes that your smb server accepts encrypted passwords. Older Unix/Linux servers running Samba (this is the case with dreambox) are configured to accept Plain Text passwords. Below is a fix to tell Tiger to send a plain text password for authentication. This assumes you have a working knowledge of the unix command line. 1. open a terminal session 2. cd /etc 3. sudo vi nsmb.conf (NOT the smb.conf file...this may ADD a new file...) 4. add these lines... [default] minauth=none 5. save file (wq) BE AWARE that this now sends plain text and can be easily captured (via tcpdunp).
  13. 10.4.7 is out

    Thank you JaS. It works perfectly!
  14. This command was first published by Maxxuss (where are you?) when he wrote the kext for VMware network card. Keep up with your great work Quixos!
  15. Try this: sudo sysctl -w net.inet.tcp.delayed_ack=0 Then, if it works, put this command in /Library/StartupItems