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  1. GM Synthesizer for using with Logic?

    Same thing here. I've tried everything but still no sound in instruments. I use EDIROL UA-1EX for audio. Is this have somthing to do with 'logic contect dvd' which I did not install??? Any help will be appreciated =) Hyungju
  2. Thanks for let me know that I should've backuped them before applying the patch
  3. Now I have exactly the same problem once you had. so I was to replace new 10.4.6 kext files with the old ones. I tried to find extensions directory in 10.4.4/10.4.5 Myzar DVD, in '/System/Library/Extensions', but there were nothing like extension there. only 'Extensions.mkext'. Where can I find kext files in the dvd. Does anybody know about this ? Thanks in advace