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  1. Lenovo ThinkPad T420 with UEFI Only

    Hello guys, thanks for your amazing tutorial, Sierra work (almost) flawlessly on my T420 but I have only one issue, I can get the bluetooth to work. There is something I can do the enable it ? I installed the kext, checked the bios and the System Information app show "No information found". Thanks! (and sorry if my english is bad i'm french)
  2. ML on HP Envy 4

    Finally! I installed Mountain Lion with Niresh and it works! Working : Intel Graphics 4000 (full QE/CI) Trackpad Sound USB ... Not working : WiFi Brightness adjustment
  3. ML on HP Envy 4

    Someone an idea to solve my problem? Maybe I should try another distribution? http://www.ma-config.com/fr/configurationtemporaire/9351-1_resume.html
  4. ML on HP Envy 4

    I just looked and finally I have FakeSMC.kext in E/E.
  5. ML on HP Envy 4

    No, I don't have FakeSMC on the USB. Okay thank you, I will re-install Windows.
  6. ML on HP Envy 4

    and sometimes I get that : https://www.dropbox.com/s/v5wynwv1idh56vy/Photo%2025-08-13%2022%2017%2012.jpg For installing Windows, how I do ? Because the HDD is in Mac OS Extended.
  7. ML on HP Envy 4

    With CPUS=1 & USBBusFix=yes : EBIOS read error : Device timeout Block 0x44beb2 Sectors 0
  8. ML on HP Envy 4

    I feel like DSDT change nothing :/ I think I have to get back on Windows No just what you said
  9. ML on HP Envy 4

    If I boot with cpus=1 -f -v I get the same text when you said a lot of errors. If I add -x I get USBF...
  10. ML on HP Envy 4

    Okay, I have to boot with cpus=1 and something else ?
  11. ML on HP Envy 4

    Ok Thank you so much for your help :-)
  12. ML on HP Envy 4

    Not working :-/
  13. ML on HP Envy 4

    No I formated my hard drive :/
  14. ML on HP Envy 4

    Same errors, always USB :/
  15. ML on HP Envy 4

    Oh yes, when I add cpus=1 I get : https://www.dropbox.com/s/oey1oqnpcl6x2qy/Photo%2025-08-13%2019%2019%2048.jpg