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  1. Chameleon

    Hello, I hope you guys can help me figure this one out... So I installed Lion, updated got my video and everything working; however, I'm getting sick of adding PCIrootUID=1 every time I boot, the issue is Chameleon isn't reading the org.chameleon.Boot.plist or it doesn't seem to be anyway, because when I specify that I want to boot with -v in the kernel flags it seems to be ignoring this. So I ran a random Lion build of chameleon over the currently installed version but this doesn't seem to change anything. Thanks.
  2. Blue Screen G31M-ES2L?

    Hello, I installed retail 10.5.6 on my GA-G31M-ES2L and everything works great besides a random blue screen at startup, I'm using a EVGA 8600GT 256MB with a EFI string created with OSX86tools.
  3. [HELP] Leo4all V4.1 AMD AppleNForceATA Slow booting

    Try diableing the Jmicron Controler it speed up my boot time by 5mins
  4. Realtek RTL8187(L)

    Yeah I also need a working driver for 8185
  5. Audio Problems Still...

    I have VIA Technology vt8375 and need to find a driver but the default ac97 drivers don't give me any sound =(
  6. Sound Device

    Any idea on what driver I need I have tryed most of the AC97 drivers and I never get any sound
  7. Sound Device

    What sound device is this: PCI\VEN_1106&DEV_3059&SUBSYS_0216107B&REV_60\3&61AAA01&1&8D couldn't find anything
  8. IRC ban

    Thx for the unban won't happen again
  9. No output

    Thx for geting me back on the irc I need to stop being an idiot
  10. No output

    Got my driver loaded but no output wonder why it's a gateway mx3231 laptop and has buld in speakers
  11. Realtek AC97

    I really need my audio
  12. Realtek AC97

    Yeah this is the right driver I think and I need to find a way to load it lol I got banned from the IRC for ASCII art anyway I'm screwed
  13. Realtek AC97

    it's a laptop with build in speakers and I've tried headphones nothing I need just a little more help I get evilguis-computer:/System/Library/Extensions/AppleAC97Audio.kext/Contents/PlugIns root# kextload -t AppleAC97AudioVIA.kextkextload: extension AppleAC97AudioVIA.kext appears to be validUnable to allocate pad vm for /System/Library/Extensions/System.kext/PlugIns/Mach.kext/Mach - (os/kern) no space availablekextload: error mapping module file /System/Library/Extensions/System.kext/PlugIns/Mach.kext/Machkextload: can't map module fileskextload: can't check load addresses of moduleskextload: a link/load error occured for kernel extension AppleAC97AudioVIA.kextload failed for extension AppleAC97AudioVIA.kext (run kextload with -t for diagnostic output) When I do kextload -t AppleAC97AudioVIA.kext
  14. Realtek AC97

    There's lots of drivers for osx but I just can't get any noise if anyone has any other drivers to recommend please post lol
  15. Realtek AC97