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  1. X52JR External monitor resolution

    I tryed a lot of different framebuffers, but the situation only got worst. And i still have another problem. I can't boot without -f, i tryed removing and recreating kext cache but if i boot without -f flag i get kernel panic. EDIT:I remove the display override generated by switchresx, i removed the custom dsdl (copied from idk where) , i fixed the disk permissions and i ran some myHack utilities, and the situation got A LOT better. No need of -f at boot (it took ages to boot) and the resolution is close to the correct one. the situation is this, the image is still pressed and i have a little margin on the screen. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/18387650/IMAG1108.jpg Any ideas?
  2. Hi all, i managed to make iAtkos ML2 work on my Asus x52jr. Almost everything works good, but not the external monitor. 1- I have to switch between internal and exernal monitor in the bootloader, if i press fn-f8 after booting i just see stripes on both the screens, and i have to reboot 2- if i switch to external monitor before boot it works good, but i have a problem with the resolution. In switchresx i actually have 1920*1080*57hz resolution (in current resolution tab), but if i set it something weird happens. It correctly sets the res, but it's "pressed" to assume 4/3 ratio, so everything is not sharp, it's unusable. I don't understand why this happens, because 1980x1080 is a 16/9 resolution o.O Moreover it works good with 1366*768 (the internal monitor resolution) and many other ones, but it's a waste on a 21.5" screen. The main problem is the second one, it's not a problem to switch screen before booting. Any ideas? Thank you all in advice.
  3. Battery life problem

    Another problem: if i try to put it to sleep the cursor disappears, it stops responding and the cooling fan starts running very fast, and i have to shut it down holding down the power button -.-
  4. Battery life problem

    It's working isn't it? while i'm not using it it goes down to 1,19, while watching youtube videos it jumps to 2,38 Is there a way to manually choose if run in powersave or not? For example in windows i can choose powersave mode in control panel, and the battery lasted more than 2 hours (with slower graphic and cpu) However thank you for your great help! Now it's working almost perfectly, the only problem I have is the pc getting stuck when i shut it down XD
  5. Battery life problem

    ok, i just removed nullcpupowermanagement and evoreboot, I enabled p and c states from boot.plist, is there a way to see if power management is working as it should?
  6. Battery life problem

    Thank you, i'll read it! However what are the benefits of Vanilla? Does it worh it if Iatkos installation is almost fully funcional? Thank you ok, i wanted to try that way in a partition but when i try to initialize the partition it says something like unable to modify partitions map (i use it in italian, idk the exact translation). Disk check doesn't find any error, what is the problem? I've got the same problem also doing it from the usb installer.
  7. Battery life problem

    Thank you for answering. First of all I have to admit thai i'm quite new in this kind of things. Brightness is ok, and HD spin down is enabled. I didn't touch DSDT, and idk how to check is speedstep is working XD i'm trying to find something on google
  8. Battery life problem

    Hi all, after many attempts i was able to run Iatkos ML2 with almost everything working. The only problem i have is with battery life. With a soft use i think it leasts around 1 hour. What can i do to improve battery life? Is there any power saving setting like on windows? Thank you for your help
  9. Problemi di consumo

    Ciao a tutti, dopo anni sono finalmente riuscito ad installare iatkos sul mio Asus X52JR (4gb ram, 64 bit intel core i5, ati mobility radeon hd 5740), Avevo provato con HAZARD, IATKOS S3, L1 senza successo, ma con Iatkos ML2 sono riuscito! Dopo aver formattato e reinstallato tutto non so quante volte sono riuscito a far funzionare quasi tutto, suoni, wifi, accelerazione grafica ecc. Mi resta però un problema. La batteria dura molto poco, penso che consumi circa il 2% al minuto mentre uso il browser. C'e qualcosa che si possa fare per migliorarne la durata? Su windows è possibile scegliere diverse opzioni di risparmio, su OSX come si possono diminuire i consumi? Grazie!!
  10. HELP kext problem

    well, those are the kexts i used! but when i set graphicenables on yes i get kernel panic at reboot, and if i don't get it it doesn'0t work properly. the resolutions aren't 16:9 (i need 1920*1080 but i have 1920*1200 for external screen), and the 2 screens are recognized as one, i can't use only one
  11. HELP kext problem

    well i've managed to install correctly grafic card kext, it boots with graficenabler setted on yes, but it recognizes internal and external screen as one , and the resolutions are all wrong. they are no 16/9 so i can't see correctly on any of the displays (1 vga and one internal). aby idea? on osx86 they say that kexts are fully working
  12. HELP kext problem

    ok thank you. now i tryed to install the same kexts bus this time without editing the Com.Apple.Boot.plist and i noticed that it doesn't have kernel panic, but the drivers look like aren't working, i can use just 1024x768 like before...l
  13. i've (FINALLY!!) managed to install osx snow leopard on my asus x52jr laptop (hazard) , i booted simply adding busratio=17 -v , but when i tr yed to install ati 5470 kext and my atheros wifi card kexts, at the next reboot i got kernel panic, the only way to boot is using -x too, but it's not a good way to start it, i think it doesn't load drivers. any way to solve this problem? how can i uninstall the kexts i installed? Thank you, i hope to get this to work one day LOL i lost the count of the number of attempts XD
  14. [aiuto]iso to usb e bootloader

    nessuno l' ha provato? vorrei non buttare via un altro dvd XD
  15. [aiuto]iso to usb e bootloader

    hazard come compatibilità com'è? meglio o peggio di iatkos?