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  1. That is definitely the disc you are using I had the same issue at first till I got a hold of a retail disc.
  2. I hink you just need a different boot disc.
  3. <br /><br /><br />Hmm...Ok I found out from various trial and errors that the 10.5.6 Disc works fine but you have to make sure you have it burned on a Varbatim - DVD in order for it to a better chance of installing. Also the DVD Drive that you use to install it makes a very big difference (try all the DVD drives that you have) In my experience only a HP DL DVD Drive would actually launch the disc without Kernel errors. Would it help everyone if i make a image of a fresh install on my Asus P6T Deluxe of 10.5.7 ? Then all you would have to do is restore and install your Graphics drivers?
  4. THANKS!!! I followed your videos and upon rebooting came to find that I had a sweet, fresh, clean vanilla install of (The Big Cat) Leopard with all Cores and Hyper threading (Now I gotta figure out how to upgrade to 10.5.6 then 10.5.7 without messing it up).
  5. Hey does anyone know if it is possible to mod the DSDT in the actual bios? Can someone please upload they're working DSDT.aml so i can try it? Also please let me know what bios you are using because for me all that seems to work is bios 1506. Thanks in advance!
  6. Sounds like the the DHDT Patcher is not doing what its suppose to. Try running this /DSDT\ Patcher Debug/dsdt.dsl -f it seems to have worked for Jimmydigital on page 3 post 44
  7. If you only have 1 HDD that is SATA and 1 DVD Drive. Your HDD should be plugged to SATA 1 and your DVD Drive should be plugged into SATA 2, so then you would use "disk1s3" NOT disk0s2. then just leave it and it should begin install.
  8. Leopard AMD Flat Image

    Hmmm I seem to be having trouble getting this to work on my Asus A8N - SLI Premium Mobo ... I'll give it another try then report back here...