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  1. Glad to see your post seeing that I'm not the only one in this world who has the same problem like you. I got a Lenovo b590 with EXACTLY your same problem. Same glitches, same problems. My final solution was buy the Compulab display emulator that attached on hdmi port, then go to display pref panel and change to my "new" display. Duplicated screens, and then, go back to my internal laptop screen and glitches go. It fit perflectly on the hdmi port and it's like a little usb pendrive, but it must be always putted. I tried everything. Like you, with no succes. My thoughts go through Appleintelframebuffer. I think it has the key, but I don't know how can change it to Lvds works without glitches.
  2. Vendo Hackintosh. Hackintosh for sale Si quieres tener un Mac, por menos de la mitad de lo que cuesta un Mac, lo tuyo es un hackintosh como éste: Caja Aerocool M40-BB mATX. Perfecta como HTPC o como equipo principal Fuente de Alimentación Be-Quiet Pure Power L7 430W. Supersilenciosa. Placa Base Gigabyte GA-G31-ES2L rev.1.1. 100% compatible con Mac OS X. Procesador Intel Core 2 Quad 6600 2.4Ghz. 4 núcleos. 8 MB caché L2 con gráfica integrada Intel GMA3100. Ventilador+Disipador CPU Artic Cooling 13 PRO. <13db. Supersilencioso. 2 GB RAM 1066. Ampliable. 160 GB Disco Duro 2’5’’. Ampliable. Regrabadora DVD LG con Lightscribe. Audio integrado. Chipset: Realtek ALC883. Panel delantero integrado. LAN Gigabyte 10/100/1000. Integrado. 9 puertos USB: 4 traseros y 5 delanteros. 7 puertos USB internos: 2 de placa + 5 NZXT Expansión interna USB IU01. Lector de tarjetas integrado. Tarjeta Gráfica: Gigabyte 9500 GT 1024 DDR2 + Artic Cooling Accelero L2 Plus VGA Cooler. Máximo rendimiento y absoluto silencio. QE/QC activado. 100% funcional. Wifi b/g/n +Antenas Broadcom BCM94322MC: 100% Compatible con Mac OS X. Receptor Bluetooth integrado. 100% compatible con cualquier teclado/ratón inalámbricos. Receptor Infrarrojo original Mac. Para que lo uses con el Apple Remote® o con cualquier otro Mando. Webcam Live Vision Camera Xbox. 100% compatible con Facetime Paquete de software instalado: iLife original, partición con el sistema básico clonado. Entrego copia en DVD de Mac OS X Lion. Y lo más importante: Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3 funcionando al 100%. Totalmente “Vanilla”, totalmente original. Actualizable sin problema. 500€. Entrega en mano en Sevilla (SPAIN) Envío a toda España. Gastos de envío: 18 €. Posibilidad de demostración previa en Sevilla. Posibilidad de ampliación de disco duro: 500 GB 3.5’’: +60 € Posibilidad de ampliación de RAM: 4 GB: +15 € Posibilidad de mando Apple Remote: +20 € No incluye teclado, ratón ni monitor.
  3. Here you are: http://www.ebay.es/i...984.m1423.l2649 It's cheap, but the process it's very very dificult. I've found the guy in China who mades the specific sink and the specific internal "mounters" for the motherboard, and the black back panel too. In chiphell forum his name is "jianhui10", aka "Iceman", and this is his post: http://www.chiphell....240768-1-1.html He sell his own products in taobao web: http://shop35506220....browseType=grid I've try to contact with him by qq messenger, but he doesn't respond. He, and no one through the whole internet , is the person that has made possible customs mini hacks in the original mac mini with the intel h61 mini itx mobo. I hope he read this post!!
  4. Hi. I'm trying the same. In a chinese forum, chiphell, there are several users trying with success same as you. You can see them googling "chiphell mac mini case". But I don't speak chinesse, I'm spanish. Any news about your hack? I got several questions, about how to fix the motherboard to the case, the original back black panel and the cooling. The cooling is an aspect that I think it's the most important. I'm thinking about i5 2405S. ¿Better option than i3 2105? What I've seen in the mentioned forum it's very very difficult for me, because it's necessary to use industrial tools for built the sink and the adapter for the motherboard, instead of the back panel, that (I presume) it doesn't include with your ordered mini case from ebay. Tell me your progress, please, I'm very interested. If not, I've got looked several different cases "like" mac mini one.