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  1. Tried it. Tried booting with the installer disk, still can't boot. Same error as the screenshot i posted.
  2. I did use your Clover folder and then ran the Olaraila command. I manually deleted the fakesmc kext. Could not find and usbinjectall. But now i can't boot into Mac OS.
  3. Done all the Nvidia steps. No luck. How do i edit the DSDT? Also my external USB 3.0 drives are not being read. But thumb drives are being read on the same port. Might be some bus power issue? The computer is also shutting down at times randomly. Attaching my ACPI, IOReg and Send Me files. My Files.zip
  4. Okay i fixed it. I installed the USB Kext and also loaded BIOS optimized defaults. Don't know which one fixed it but its fixed now. But cannot seem to enable Nvidia Pascal Web drivers. Its installed fine. But switched to the default Mac OS driver everytime.
  5. I successfully installed Sierra on i7 7700k with Gigabyte z270x-Gaming 7. But i am having huge mouse and keyboard lag. Both are wired.
  6. theguitarfreak

    Sierra install on i7 7700k, Gigabyte z270x, GTX 1050

    Added spec in signature. Yes people are having success with the same build. Wanted to know if i can have the installer boot successfully with the GPU installed.
  7. Hi, i was running Sierra without any problems on my old computer but i had to build a new config for more power. I went for the latest components. I was reading the installation guides for Kaby Lake and Pascal GPU. Still if someone could give me a summary for the install on this config, that will be great. Is it possible to install with the GTX 1050 in my motherboard? I have previous experiences with installing and running Hackintosh. But never had to use flags or edit Config.plist, hence i was looking for a heads up.
  8. theguitarfreak

    RME HDSP MacOSX (x86) drivers released

    It is running in 32 bit mode. In fact the DSP settings in the applications window detects signal coming from the mixer but my system preferences doesnt detect anything RME.
  9. theguitarfreak

    RME HDSP MacOSX (x86) drivers released

    I have recently installed Snow Leopard (10.6.8) on an Intel Core i5 and Intel DH55TC board. Everything has installed fine except for my RME HDSP 9632 drivers. I have tried installing the hdsp_173_x86 driver. But no RME device is recognized in system preferences. Any help in this matter?