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  1. No alt+ctrl+click?

    Hi there, I have a software that you press ctrl+alt+LMB... it does not work in Windows XP with Fusion...! Is there a way Input Remapper could help out?
  2. General Problems with 1.00.4

    Hi, firstly THANKS for a nice software. However, I'm too thumb to use it... is anywhere a ducomentation on what all the ranks mean, what does "ignore keys" mean and so on... I fiddled around with IR 1004 and remapped some keys successfully. BUT: After a reboot, all remapping was disabled, although IR was running. I clicked on IR and went to the configuration panel. Everything was OK. I clicked around, but did not change anything. I exited - and my keys were successfully remapped again! However, one minute later, the remapping was deactivated again. I did not manage to get it back running. What's going on!? My setup: OSX Leopard, Fusion 1.1, WinXP
  3. Hi all, I have a preconfigured vmware (on my real mac) but I dont know how I could transfer it to the pc for use with vmware. I mean, it is 6GB big, how could it ever be used with a PC and fat32!?! As far as I know, fat32 does not support files >4GB or so. So how is such a vmware image supposed to be attached? PS: I'm a mac guy, I have not much knowledge with PCs. I just got a company laptop with XP and I am unnerved of this legacy windows system.
  4. Be sure to get a GPU-enhanced gfx board. OSX makes good use of that.