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    NEED HELP with Asus Eee PC 1000HE!

    The latest version of iDeneb I can find is 1.6 (Leopard 10.5.8). Is that the one? Thanks for the reply! Ryan
  2. Sorry if the post was incomplete first time round - I just clicked to edit the tags when suddenly the thread posted itself. Anyways: Hi Hackintoshers! I'm new here, and I would appreciate it if you could give me some help. I have an Asus Eee PC 1000HE with 2GB of RAM and Windows XP SP3, and I'm ready to give it a try with Snow Leopard, but I have neither a real Mac nor a retail installation DVD. I tried to make a virtual machine in VirtualBox with Hazard's 10.6.6 distro on my Dell Inspiron 6400 (also with 2GB of RAM), but it crashed with a double kernel panic barely a tenth of the way through the installation process. After that, I tried installing iDeneb 1.4 (Leopard 10.5.6) on the Asus, following an Internet guide that used no USB drives or DVDs whatsoever (mind you, it was for the 1000H), but it got stuck at the Apple logo every time I did post-installation booting attempts. I would be very grateful if someone could provide some guidance on how I can install Snow Leopard on my 1000HE with neither a real Mac nor a retail installation DVD! Sincerely, Ryan