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  1. Guys, a little while ago the PC has restarted suddenly, I found the log on restart, seems to be caused by wake up. Do you know a solution? I attach the log. Thank you all. Log.rtf
  2. I also had a problem similar to yours, I solved it by putting SuspendOverride=no in clover. config.plist.zip
  3. Thank for your answer, is possible change the internal card reader with another not external but internal?
  4. Hi, there is a way to enable SD card reader? Can I buy anorher compatible with osx? if there is which one? Thank
  5. Can you explain me how to add device SMCD in DSDT? Please. Thank you.
  6. Guys, sometimes the pc has restarted for no apparent reason, without any warning (as occurs with kernel panic). After rebooting I find the message where I can send the details to Apple about the problem, I copied and pasted into a text file that you can find attached. Can you help? PS. in the console does not show any apparent problem. Panic.rtf
  7. Hi guys, after the wake up from sleep the audio don't work, I think that the problem is related to the kext's audio, can someone help me? Attachament: DSDT, Kext's audio, config.plist, ioreg Thank you all. dsdt,ioreg,kext,config.zip
  8. This is what I see in System Preferences This is my dsdt, I'm not sure it's good, if you think is your best please attach it. DSDT.aml.zip If you are able to do so you can solve the other problems? thank you very much
  9. Thanks friend, then follows the little problems I have: - After waking from sleep, I no longer have the keyboard backlight and sound. - Does not work Fn + F1 (for sleep), or the screen turns off immediately as if he was going to sleep but instead turns off the PC completely. - When I go to system information for a second I have a black screen (just for a second) Excuse me, where do I find the last dsdt of kishor? I went back several pages but can not find it.
  10. Guys please, I am not able to edit my dsdt, could someone attach the latest dsdt please?
  11. Hello, who can kindly attach the last DSDT.aml for UX32VD? Thank you!
  12. berny_

    Clover General discussion

    Hi guys, in the website clover-wiki under the boot section it is possible to activate a function to increase boot speed, is explained only in this way: "only search for SATA0 drivers (9 seconds difference)" ( http://clover-wiki.zetam.org/Configuration/Boot ). About me explain this better? If the argument has already been dealt sorry but there are too many pages to read. Thank you.