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  1. Does CS3 Work Yet?

    I have the same problem here. On a fresh install of Leopard, CS3 will install the shared components fine but displays an error when it tries to install Photoshop. After uninstalling all Adobe products and cleaning the hard drive, I am still unable to install CS3. Any fix for this?
  2. So my MacBook is giving me the exact same problem as previously described. You guys said that you can stick a toothpick in it and wiggle around? Is there a particular direction that I should be sticking the toothpick into the audio out (like top left..etc)?
  3. its on the bay

    Right, I've edited my description to make it clear that it's for making a Single Layer DVD install disc. I want to try out Leopard but don't want to waste a double layer DVD for a beta so the instructions might be useful for people who don't want to burn Leopard on a DL-DVD.
  4. its on the bay

    Found this instruction on the bay for making a Single Layer DVD install disc: "INSTALLATION: 1. Open the Leopard installation DVD using Disk Utility. 2. Using the Disk Utility, create a new dual layer (8.5GB) sparse image called leopard (actual filename will be leopard.sparseimage) and mount it. 3. Restore the Leopard installation DVD to the mounted leopard.sparseimage (not the image file.) 4. Open the mounted leopard.sparseimage with Finder, and delete the XCodeTools directory. 5. Unmount the mounted leopard.sparseimage. 6. Using the Disk Utility, create a new single layer (4.4GB) spare image called boot (actual filename will be boot.sparseimage) and mount it. 7. Restore the leopard.sparseimage image file to the mounted boot.sparseimage (not the image file.) 8. Unmount the mounted boot.sparseimage. 9. Burn the boot.sparseimage to your single layer DVD media. Booting from this DVD works, but takes a long time."
  5. I have a Macbook (White, Core Duo 2Ghz) and it seems to me that the CPU frequency from CoreDuo Temp never goes below 1.5Ghz on idle. On my Dell Inspiron 8600 (Pentium-M Banias 1.5Ghz) it will clock down to 600Mhz when idle. This Macbook won't go any lower than 1.5Ghz on idle and it's putting out a lot of heat. Is there a way to dynamically clock the Core Duo 2.0Ghz down to at least 1Ghz or even lower...provided that OS X is idle? I really miss having a utility like RMclock on my Dell laptop. It allowed me to define the dynamic clock switching threshold and undervolting of my processor. Is there a similar utility for OS X that will do dynamic clock switching and undervolting? Thanks.
  6. I found out that the best way to backup is to repartition my external USB drive to the GPT scheme with 3 partitions: 1) 30GB OS X backup partition 2) 200GB OS X data archive 3) 20GB NTFS (for XP dual boot). Then I used SuperDuper to clone my OS X installation from my internal hard drive to the 30GB on the external drive. This allows me to have a bootable backup of my installation. This approach is the best option because I have backup + a boot disk in case something goes wrong with my internal hard drive.
  7. Question About Parts Swap

    Check here for disassembly instructions: http://www.ifixit.com/Guide/Mac/MacBook/
  8. I will be getting a white Macbook in about a week. Since I've been using Windows for years, I have relied on Acronis True Image to clone my XP installation onto my external USB HD. Now I'm making the switch to OSX, I want to be able to clone my OSX installation onto my external USB HD also. 1) Should I repartition my external HD to have one partition for a bootable OSX installation, one HFS+ partition to store OSX data files, and one NTFS partition for XP (bootcamp)? ....Or is it possible to create a big HFS+ partition to boot from and store data too? The reason I'm asking is because I'm not sure whether the creation of a new bootable OSX installation will wipe out the partition, taking my pre-existing data along with it. Can someone clarify whether this is true or not? 2) How do I create a bootable OSX installation on my external USB HD? Are there any special requirements for the partition table (ie it has to be GUID, first partition..etc)? 3) What software do I use to clone/image my OSX installation? Freeware is preferred. Thanks.
  9. how to remove DRM from WMA files?

    Darn my WMP was updated to the latest version so those tools won't work for me. Is it possible to use Audacity to record the speaker output of my sound card as MP3 with decent quality?
  10. I really hate this stinking DRM protection. It does not allow for me to transfer my music files to a portable audio device without paying more monthly fees. Besides, I don't use my computer to listen to music anyways, just the portable mp3/wma player. What is the best method to remove DRM protection from WMA files so I can use them on my mp3/wma player? I've looked for some ways to do this online, but most of the methods were outdated or confusing. Thanks.
  11. I have a Dell Inspiron 8600 with OSX 10.4.5 and power management doesn't work. For example, closing the lid still leaves the LCD display on or that the LCD display does not turn off after the time specified in the Energy Saver panel. Since I'm using a NVIDIA GeforceFX 5200 Go, which is not the supported GMA 950 in OSX, could it be causing my LCD to not turn off? For those with laptops (Intel GMA or dedicated graphic), were you guys able to get the LCD to turn off for energy saving? Thanks.
  12. No it doesn't, according to this link: http://search1.cc.scd.yahoo.com/cct_search...728#__highlight As for Parallels, can I run it efficiently on the Pentium-M (Banias) even though I don't have virtualization features? I know it doesn't have sound support right now, but hopefully that will be added in the future.
  13. Darn. It's a good thing that I primarily use my laptop plugged into the AC outlet anyways. Otherwise the 100% cpu usage would drain my battery.
  14. I am going to try OSx 10.4.5 on my Dell Inspiron 8600 laptop. Since I have a Pentium-M CPU, will OSX throttle CPU speed based on usage? Also, will I be able to suspend or set the LCD display to turn off after a certain amount of time? Thanks.
  15. I'm planning to swith over to OSx86 for good, but there are some Windows XP apps that I still want to run. For example, I'm a subscriber to Yahoo Launch Music service and they only support IE. If I can boot up XP within OSx86 and run IE then I'll be good to go. I read that VirtualPC doesn't run under OSx86, and that you have to use Q or Bosh to emulate XP under OSx86. Is this true? Thanks.