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  1. Yes, I'm currently looking for the future kext pack. I will release them once iATKOS version of mavericks is out.
  2. 1. first of all, remove voodooPS2 from System/Library/Extension folder. Second, the ElanTech kext in the patch is not the most updated version, see update 1 2. Yes, it is designed to be this way. the minimum setting is to turn off the display backlight (same in Windows 8) 3. Did you install both the DSDT and SSDT from the patch to the Extra folder and install Please sleep.dmg? I will test it out, thanks for the suggestion, especially the USB 3.0 sleep. (your DSDT and SSDT should be the same as the one provided) Great work, I will post a link to this post on the front page.
  3. Yes sir, threre you go. The customize part is the most crucial part of the installation. The customize step ensures all the essential drivers are installed. Follow the guide on the 1st page faithfully. After installation is completed, the first reboot does not require any bootflag unless you get stuck
  4. Could you walk through your complete installation process (include every detail). This eases the process of troubleshooting
  5. 1. Did you make it into the welcome screen or stuck at this point? 2. Which cpu model do you have? i3/i5/i7 2XXXM... nvm i saw i5 2430M 3. it looks like FakeSMC is causing KP, try to boot with -v -f -x, see if this takes you any where. 4. Reinstall again, please. Take me through your complete installation process, if you dont mind
  6. could you post your complete spec and a screenshot, it would make the process just a bit easier. But looking at the error, i think it has something to do with your cpu and gnu
  7. Ok, Boot0 and KP is two different issue. Yes, during the entire installation process, nVidia must be turned off. (actually turn nVidia off at all times) You should be able to boot into your newly installed system to set up your computer without any issue (the welcome screen). By looking at the code above, please remove all usb devices connected to the computer. (only power adapter)
  8. The installation instruction from the official forum: http://iatkos.me/forum/viewtopic.php?f=77&t=23197 Follow the instruction and make sure you apply the pkg file in the instruction if you decided to burn it onto a USB drive. As long as the the size of the partition is greater than 20GB, you should be fine.
  9. Congratz! Sleep is a little trickier than brightness control, but it should be the similar to the one in 4830 DSDT. update fakeSMC if you are getting graphic glitches (but be careful, I once KP after updating fakeSMC.kext) I would suggest restart and login a couple times. It seems to get better. Ok, lets assume you have the right iATKOS ML2 image and follow the instruction burning it onto a USB and applied the fix. This issue is likely caused by graphic card error. Make sure you change your Graphic Setting in BIOS to INTEGRATED before installation. Try not to boot with any boot flags (-f -x) when installing. If it doesnt load the first time, force shut down and boot again. eventually it will load successively without boot flag. Which laptop model do you have?
  10. Yes, you will need to find the kext responsible for battery in iATKOS. Since you already can see the battery percentage, I recommend you not to do it, because there is always risk of KP. (which would result in reinstalling) Alternative: Go to Mac App stores search for "battery," some of the free one might work. Yes, reapply the AppleACPIBatteryManager.kext and AppleSmartBatteryMAnager.kext in Patch 1 I'm sorry to hear that, since I don't have a machine with i3, I can't really do anything. If you have programming experience: Try making your own DSDT. Try to extract it from your system first and then add sleep, brightness control and other code to it (code can be found online or from the 4830TG DSDT). Then try to fix all the warnings in the code.
  11. It's probably because you are using voodoo battery. You could try and see how your battery performs under windows first. If you want to get native battery working you will need to select apple battery during iATKOS installation (or find the corresponding kext).
  12. Yup haha. As for battery, make sure you have nVidia turn off. Battery drainage is normal, go to About this Mac>More info>System Reports>Power: see if your full capacity is low. Yea, you def need DSDT and SSDT for sleep, brightness to function. DSDT is in charge of brightness and sleep. SSDT is for your processor. There is a brightness control workaround i mentioned a couple posts back. Bluetooth: press Fn+F3 a couple times with System Preferences open. Touchpad: You can change which function is enabled and which is not (see update 1) Card Reader: There are currently no working kext for the card reader, stay tune. Did you hack your bios? because corruption is not common since this install rarely touch the bios. I will continue looking for a working kext for 3830tg. Yes, apple overwrite the boot with disable nvidia gpu on the 10.8.3 update. The only way to boot is to disable nvidia from bios until i found a working kext to disable it during booting.
  13. Yes, OSX first then Win8 should do the trick. Yes, if your are reinstalling, please give it a try.
  14. Well for starters, I found SSDT for your processor. Still looking for a working DSDT for y'all Try the new trackpad kext, backup all the related (PS2) kexts
  15. Bluetooth kext posted with working solution. See update 5