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  1. Intel HD Graphics / GMA 5700

    i dont do my stuff only out of personal wills. what i did here was for the spirit of the entire osx86 community, which has obviously gone downhill over time. i disapprove you acting like osx86 is a business. i do not care about donations or a test machine, i do not approve, however, that you act like its a product you're selling. your business is your business, this forum is not your business so don't try to make it look like the opposite. i also disapprove your disclosure of my PM's, they certainly were disconcerting but what happened should have happened in private, if i actually wanted to bring this to the public i'd have posted on the forums instead. none of those reasons you posted are correct because: 1) i do not know you, i hate people who act full of themselves and then act like they're selling a product. again, that goes agains the entire osx86 "sprit". 2) defamation? why, it was just a PM you disclosed and gave birth to all of this... 3) belittle? nope... i'd love to see more hardware being supported by mac os x, even if i don't specifically own the hardware. 4) the project would be awesome if it worked... clearly you do not understand my point. The osx86 community started up as a hobby, that meant people created stuff for it on their free time whenever they wanted to and then distributed it freely. again, it won't affect me personally if the project succeeds, but its painful to see a community that one day was welcoming and helpful becoming some sort of business where people try to actually sell a solution or at least act like what they are doing is a product. please re read my previous post carefully and try not to dodge it next time. this is a summarized version of the above text if you did now read it all: 1) osx86 is not about making money, its about community. 2) osx86 is not a product, don't try and act like what you're doing is a product. 3) none of the reasons you posted are correct. please check post above. 4) people are not donating money to buy what you're acting like its your product, they are getting you a test machine, different stuff... 5) test machines are to test. test machines are not your product. you won't give the test machine to those 30 people who donated, they are looking for a bunch of files that may make it work. those files are what you call product. 6) again, i, unlike you, also act on stuff I'm not directly related to. I'm not related to the hardware you are trying to make it work. its not about the hardware. its about the community. this is not a job. if you do wish to continue the project then do it, just don't act like its your product and do it in your free time, whenever you feel like doing so, like everyone else who participated in the project. 7) a few years ago the channel #osx86 on irc.mofspeak.net was helpful to those willing to get os x working on their pc's. i was mildly knowledgeable about it so i helped people there. i spent countless hours there and made friends there i keep in touch with to this date. i actually was granted half operator privileges there for my help, but i lost it after losing access to a computer for almost a year, which made my nickname there unregister because of inactivity. PS: i do not care about this project in specific, what i would like to see maintained is the spirit of this community i hope you understand that. your question is answered. now please don't dodge my posts. you are not making a product. edited to correct some english errors
  2. Intel HD Graphics / GMA 5700

    correct. except osx86 is not a business. you can talk about it to whoever you wish to and whenever you wish to, its not a private, secret thing. people are paying you a test machine and obviously the test machine is not what people want even though one may be needed to reach the solution, which is what people are interested into. so if you say 30 people paid for it, you say 30 people were willing to help you develop a solution by donating towards the test machine, they are not paying for a product, and you seem to be treating this entire osx86 thing as one. you had a previous post saying that $10 was the minimum amount to be considered an investor. again, this is not a product and i do believe whoever wishes to contribute can do it with whatever amount they feel like contributing with, be it $1 or $1000, a contribution is a contribution no matter what. people donating are not buying your product, they are willing to get you a test machine. in physics, if you apply a force over a block thats standing still relative to the surface it should accelerate. if you reduce the force by half its not going to stop the cube from accelerating, its going to accelerate at a slower rate. i think that concept applies here as a $1 donation may not help as much as a $100 one but it still won't make the project go backwards. i hope you understand what I'm saying here, those 30 people who are contributing towards a test machine are not paying for your product. they are helping you develop a solution and i believe releasing it only to those 30 or so people is wrong considering what the entire community is (or at least used to be) about. don't get me wrong, i don't own an i5 laptop and i won't be benefiting from this if that was what you were thinking. i own a macbook and i intend to buy a macbook pro as my next laptop. as you stated a few posts back Mac OS X is a great operating system and i do believe people wanting to use it should do so even if they don't own apple hardware. i myself used an acer running leopard before i bought my mac and i can tell you, i would have never bought a mac without testing it on a daily basis. osx86 allowed me to to so and based on that i think selling your stuff as a product is not the right thing to do on this community. I'm not against donations, just look at all those hackers working on jailbreaks for iOS devices, they often accept donations. they don't, however, ask for a minimum amount like you were doing before. yes, this is former fgt/regginsinep if you are wondering that... regards, funnybot