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    Mac Pro Front Panel Audio

    My audio cable was rewired to include all of the correct design features as specified in the Intel HD audio specification. In the end it only required the addition of a couple well placed resistors to the connection plug. Now my cable is officially recognized by the motherboard, and all of the detection circuitry works. So if my machine is booted into Windows, plugging in headphones causes the port to auto-recognize. Time permitting, I'll draw up a diagram and post the results for others to follow. Mark
  2. EEMark

    Mac Pro Front Panel Audio

    Thanks. My case came with an original FoxConn audio cable, so it was a matter of getting the MB socket adapter side to work correctly. My audio is working under OSX now. The sensing wire-up is ready as well. I'll test that under Win7 to verify correct operation. With that done, it seems like all of the front panel connections are working correctly on my box. BTW, the Mooner diagram shows the top 5V supply coming from a SATA power connector. During sleep, that power source will turn off, so you won't get a blinking LED indicator. The diagram also seems to leave off the 3.3V connector. Does that affect any of the Firewire operations? Mark
  3. EEMark

    Mac Pro Front Panel Audio

    A special thanks to you. It was one of your earlier posts that triggered the action to trace pins 5 & 7. Before that the USB problem had fallen onto my back burner. Previous investigation indicated that it was a power problem, but tracing the front board isn't easy. Taking meter readings is very difficult since most of the contact points need to be scraped clean. It seems like there is a clear coating applied on the board. My rig is running the latest Snow Leopard (10.6.8?) . Most everything is stable, so I'll wait a while before making another software leap. A current project is adding front panel HD audio support. I want a fully functional sensing operation and correct presence indications. My system can run either OSX or Win7, and the audio should work correctly for both. After reading all of the data sheets, it would appear that a true solution is close at hand. Mark
  4. EEMark

    Mac Pro Front Panel Audio

    On my 2008? system, the diagram shown above was helpful, but just didn't quite work right. After a lot of troubleshooting, most of the front panel board quirks have been diagnosed. The first item was to ensure that the front panel 5V line (red) was obtained from a non-switched source. That way, the power light would still blink, even when the machine is sleeping. I took the 5V power from the ASUS MB display/switch header, not directly from the ATX power connector. Second, after following the instructions for using a spliced SATA cable to connect to the USB data lines, my system still would not recognize USB thumb drives. After much probing, it became apparent that the USB ports didn't have any power. The key is in the main front panel power connector, which shows pins 7 and 5 as NC (Not Connected). In actuality, those wires must have a switched 5V source attached. Shutdown timing is important as well, otherwise you'll have mounting errors when you attempt to sleep/restart. The USB diagram shows the 5V power line as being NC. Instead, connect the 5V power lead from your MB USB connector to the front panel pins 5 & 7. Your USB should now work and will permit proper functionality when put into sleep mode. The 12V and 3.3V connectors power the Firewire hub. My system uses a small conversion circuit between the Firewire 800 cable and the IEE1394a MB connector. Some older Firewire drives and iPod all test and work well from the front port. I'm in the process of writing up and photographing my entire build process. Hopefully when it's complete I'll upload all of the solutions that I've run across. System build: ASUS P67Pro-m, i7 2600K