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  1. Hello all, can anyone make a proper guide to install 10.10? with all files and hints? i was away from hackintoshing for along time and i lost in pages last time i used Amer's guide but i couldnt get a fully working system, thanks anyway
  2. @blazinsmokey First: Install Clover to your USB,,, it wil create a volume named EFI,,, boot files will be at there,,, you have very close hardware configuration so you can use Yehia Amer's dsdt.aml and config.plist,,, first copy config.plist to your clover folder under EFI partition,,, if you dont know how to mount efi partition just use Clover Configurator... then put to DSDT.aml to the ACPI patched folder,,, and kexts,, you should put them in the 10.9 folder under kext folder then you are ready to boot and install mavericks... it will restart itself when trying to install,, its normal let it go with boot from USB again... Second: After installation you should install clover to your HDD,, and copy the config.plist, kexts and dsdt.aml put them in same folders on HDD,, if you want to install windows,, just install normal ways but you wont be able to boot in OSX,,, you should boot from USB one more time and run mavericks and install clover again,,, thats it...
  3. Hello, First of all, thank you to all for your great works on our beloved HP notebooks,, I did try to install Mavericks with clover several time without any success before,,,,well,,when i checked the forum today, i think i am gonna try again, at least, one more shot,,, But,,,it would be great to have a Step-by-Step Guide to install Maverick via USB with Clover i dont know if someone working on it or not,,, but if anyone can tell the progress,, it would be appreciated. Edit: Well, i did install maverick and got it work,,, by using Clover and yehia Amer's config.plist, DSDT.aml and kexts from post #1477,,, But i replaced wifi card by BCM94312MCG and installed an old version of io80211.kext and its working now,,, it can see wireless networks but cant connect.... when i tried to join a network, it says failed to connect :S i can connect same modem via cable.. anyone can help me??
  4. hi, same problem here, sound and battery issue, i installed AppleHDA.kext which Taptun was uploaded earlier, still got errors about AppleHDAwidget ( i posted about it earlier still noone knows or no reply ) but it works ( if you got no sound after boot just change the volume level by slider on menu bar widget),,, and i think battery issue isn't about DSDT, its about kernel cuz on 10.6 it works but on 10.7 it doesn't,, so need a working kext on 10.7,,,
  5. you have to patch DSDT ,,,orginal DSDT useless cuz same thing with no DSDT,,, and MIID and MIIF kinda old files,,, you need latest chameleon and edit chameleon.boot.plist for your ATI Card (btw iam a newbie and dont know much about DSDT, i also downloaded someone else's DSDT)
  6. Hello, all , i have a problem with my BD ROM driver,,, after system starts, 5-10 mins later its unrespondable and making disc utility unrespondable too,,i mean cant eject, and hardware button doesnt work either, untill system reset,,, its about energy saving mod or? and another problem is when i change screen resolution, GenericBrightness.kext giving KP,, Another issue, i dont use battery its always on AC power but battery widget says Power Source: Battery but under that line on the menu No Batteries Available ,,, if i put battery in,, it works ok and shows % and time to full charge with AC power or time to empty charge w/o AC power) So, i still need help to check my DSDT ( there are 3 uploads in past posts ) Card readers dont work and AppleHDA.kext (Taptuns edition for 10.6) giving me errors in the Console ( about Sound Assertion "bla bla" failed in AppleHDAWigdet at line 2034 goto exit and one more same error at line 2954,,every minutes it gives those errors.) and i think that BD-ROM error and Battery issue about my DSDT, too. But not sure and dont know where to look in DSDT BTW anyone knows how to Uninstall X11 completely? i install X11 on 10.6.8 from InstallLion.app,,, so it doesnt work for 10.6,, now cant uninstall it and cant install 10.6 version :( deleting folders didnt help,, and " rm -rf " didnt help either,,, when i try to install from additional installs on 10.6.3 DVD its grayed and cant check the box to install anymore
  7. hi dgrx, Thank you for helping,, now 1080p videos on flashplayer working with Hardware Acc. too,, but Card reader being stubborn,, that kext doesnt work for me, tried with DSDT injection and w/o it,, iam uploading my DSDT can you check it if there is a wrong injection,, or if you can upload yours i will compare mine with your DSDT?? BTW i need latest Bios Rom version of 6,2 to edit SMbios,, anyone knows where can i find it,, tried Champlist App. and Chameleon Wizard to update but no chance,, iam checking if its the latest or not via Bootcamp it says need to update latest Bios Rom... DSDT_and_JMB38X.zip
  8. hello dgrx NIXin says its about Diff. IDs.. maybe cuz of that,, your system config. same as mine,,, can you use your Card Reader? tried VoodooSDHC but no chance,,, Another problem is Flashplayer its ok to 480 but 720p and 1080p playback (i.e Youtube videos) video is stucking,,, its a known bug or just me? EDIT: without hard acc. it seems ok :S weird this means openGL not work for FlashPlayer??
  9. Hello,, Need help here about JBM38X,,, (i replaced wifi card,, dont know if anyone care about BCM94312HMG but i cant make it work ,,,,) Found this kext for JMB38X at here : http://www.jmicron.com/Driver.htm but cant load it,,, Problem is about DSDT or? uploading DSDT and KEXT file... There is a way to load that Kext for Card Reader? hope this time someone read this :S DSDT_and_JMB38X.zip
  10. did you install chimera or chameleon on it? base system doesnt boot you need bootloader like chimera or chameleon to boot.. if you want to boot from Cham partition you have to edit com.appleBoot but installing bootloader on USB stick easier and dont forget to paste Extra folder and packages on it.. BTW i still need help about BCM4312,, NO-whitelisted bios and tried to rebrand it but failed,,, it writes BCM94312 HMG on it anyone knows something about this card????
  11. no news about BCM4312? iam uploading Screen Shots of IOREG and System Profiler and DSDT.AML ,,, and non-touched DSDT.DSL from Ubuntu 10.10,,,, Need help here :( dsdt.zip untouched_dsdt.dsl.zip
  12. hi yehia AMER, Autopatcher dv6 i7 nixin didnt work for me too many alerts, dv6 core i patch worked but this time no sound no graphics bla bla -- didnt work correct,, if you want i can upload non-touched DSDT.dsl,, iam using taptuns DSDT.aml from this topic all hardware same but Wi-Fi card,,, he using Atheros BTW your wi-fi card BCM4353,, what kext you are using to make it work? mine BCM4312 nothing works for me on 10.6.8 ??
  13. Hi,, Still trying to get Wifi On... pci14e4,4315 (BCM4312) Broadcom.. there is a chance to make it work on 10.6.8??
  14. Hey Komano, Now i am using DSDT from Taptun's,, system config. so close to mine. Everything works with that DSDT and Taptun's Kernel and Latest Chameleon and extra kext installed in S/L/E not in E/E (FakeSMC and Battery still in E/E) ( Firewire, Sound, Bluetooth, TouchPad (not clicking with double tapping), Fn keys for playing, pausing, stopping, next and previous song, Volume +/- and Mute Hard Buttons, Power button for sleep and wake-up, Lid, all USB slots, Camera, Mic., CPU 4 cores with 8 threads (L3 Cache correct but L2 Cache is wrong i think), Graphic Card w/o enabler =yes, Ethernet RTL81xx) but Wireless and JMicron Card Reader they both in System profiler under the PCI thing and no driver installed. his wifi device ATHEROS, my device is BCM4312 (Broadcom) in that DSDT its Atheros but mine is BCM4312 which one pci vendor id = 14e4 device id = 4315 changed a little bit of DSDT via DSDTSE application. And finally did the OSX recognize PCI device correct but drivers not installed. it says 14e4,4315 and compatible (Match) with 14e4,4312 in the IOREGISTRY thing. by changing ARPT@RP01 where Taptun's Code for Atheros was. Stucked at there, installed too many kext from this forum,, but no chance,,, just find a thread about sub system id and sub system vendor id things, at here: http://www.projectosx.com/forum/index.php?...entry4255 about some tricks to make OSX believes its an Apple product in the DSDT but not sure if that can make drivers loaded for device. BTW right now making a clean install cuz messing it up with those Kext and some .sh after that i am gonna tell if it works or not. iam trying to install 10.6.8 SL cuz Lion seems a little bit slower than SL for my configuration. EDIT: No chance to install driver for BCM4312 some advice would be great about editing DSDT for airportbrcm43xx.kext my wifi BCM4312 pci vendor id = 14e4 device id = 4315,, OSX recognize it Other Network Controller,, when i edit its type to Airport this time cant see it under PCI Cards :(