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    Dell D600 & 10.4.3

    Unfortunately, I don't believe it's possible to get 10.4.3 running in VMWare on this laptop. Windows (XP, etc) *refuse* to boot with PAE enabled, even if specifying PAE mode in the boot options. When VMWare boots, PAE won't be available to it (since it doesn't do processor emulation, just passes the processor capabilities to the virtual machines). Even if you enable PAE in the VMWare config file, it will still complain that PAE is not available.
  2. ripcord

    Dell D600 & 10.4.3

    The biggest difference in my opinion is that 10.4.1 won't run any of the new Univrsal Binaries (including iLife '06, new Firefox releases, and pretty much anything new compiled for Intel that will be coming out), but 10.4.3 in theory will. However, it looks like at least some people can't get 10.4.3 to run because PAE is faulty in our systems (this is the case for me). I don't notice it typically since it's automatically disabled when I boot Windows, but OS X is extremely unstable (as it is when I start running tests that start touching PAE as well). However, there are quite a few people that have 10.4.3 running on a D600 - except for the video card it's probably one of the most compatible laptops with OS X.
  3. ripcord

    OS-X On Dell D600??

    10.4.1 installed incredibly easily on my D600 (using it right now!). I eventually got 10.4.3 (8f1099) installed, but it crashes or hangs pretty frequently because it looks like PAE is unstable on my system. It looks like most people with D600s don't have this problem, but many of us DO have PAE that doesn't work properly (OS X doesn't crash IMMEDIATELY like it would on systems that don't have PAE at all, it's just extremely unstable).
  4. ripcord

    Best x86 HW for OS X 10.4.3

    I agree that they should buy a real Mac (even if it means waiting for something more affordable), but have to differ on something here - at the moment it looks like getting Windows to run will probably be almost as much of a hacking job as getting OS X to run on a non-Apple box. Vista may change this, but XP won't "just run" without a hacked CD, boot assister, etc.
  5. ripcord

    unresponsive 10.4.3 (Speed)

    The driver is broken. It will not work.
  6. ripcord

    VMWare Player

    Or, you know, you could, like, BUY VMWare Workstation.
  7. ripcord

    New Safari?

    That's very cool. Since safari_x86_201.zip is a PPC binary, how did you get your PPC binaries to run without Rosetta??!? We're all anxiously awaiting how you did this.
  8. ripcord

    Firefox 1.0.6

    Hmm, that's odd. My Mac has a "middle" button, two side buttons, a "right" button, and a scrolly thingee. Maybe your Mac is broken?
  9. ripcord

    network trafic monitor

    This is the right thread, with the correct files, by the way: http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?sh...5&hl=menumeters
  10. ripcord

    network trafic monitor

    This particular archive appears not to include the "MenuCracker.menu" file that you need to run the tool... I'm assuming it was re-zipped after using (and this file was drag-and-dropped somewhere else)?
  11. OS X cannot, however, write to NTFS filesystems.
  12. ripcord

    MenuMeters1.2.2 & Tiger Launch

    Er, thanks, but it just complains "could not load 3rd-party plugin"?
  13. You're saying that if you mount the ISO in OS X and copy the .kext out of it, then it still shows up as a file and not a folder in the terminal? (It should show up as a file in the Finder, with an option to "Display Contents" when you right-click on it)