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  1. wow......! Ok, no more search...now i've got my x1950xt fully functional: 1280x1024, qe/ci ecc. The fix: install 10.4.4-loginwindow, delete ANY nvidia kext,copy natit_edited, fix ATIRadeonX1000 (id=7244/1002...). that's all. But at that moment i don't have 2 display. Of course, i have a AsRock Conroe945G - 1GB ram - ATIRadeon XT1950XT Secondary - Maxtor 160GB - LG dvd/rw i'm waiting for OSX 10.5!!!!
  2. hi...everybody! my ati sapphire x1950xt is so beautiful and works well (under window$)...but not in osx. his id=7264 is so strange (vendor id is = 1002) and your patch don't work, after osx logo there's only a blue screen (!!!), maybe a bad "id"? under this site "http://ati.amd.com/developer/vendorid.html" report: "ATI Radeon X1950 Series Secondary"....what mean? jccool, help me!