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  1. @DoiX, works fine mate, as you say it takes a few seconds for it to work, but I can live with that.. Ive installed ML on a separate HD to what my original Lion install was on, when running both HD's in ML the Lion partition takes ages to show up then an error message appears on screen saying its corrupt and must be formatted... No wonder nothing worked on it god knows what I did to it
  2. @DoiX, thanks for that mate, I thought you'd posted something about that but couldn't find it.. Will give it a go later on. Again thanks for your hard work, really appreciated!!
  3. Have I missed something, but when resuming from sleep in ML sound doesnt work.. Has anyone else had a problem with this?
  4. @DoiX, im not too sure ive installed speed stepping at all In your installer package, when selecting SSDT for i5 processor and ACI... 10.8.0 kext, does this install the SSDT.aml file, or patch an existing one? Another words do I need to put my old Lion one in the root directory? and manually delete delete Sleep/NullCPUPowerManagement kexts? Reason I ask is the lines: kernel[0]: AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement: Turbo Ratios <number> kernel[0]: AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement: initialization complete kernel[0]: AppleIntelCPUPowerManagementClient: ready Are not showing up in my system log.....
  5. The only problems I had was mainly with making a bootable USB stick, reason being the version of Lion I was using is corrupt, even the ML app I downloaded from the app store got corrupt. Freshly downloaded to a working version of lion and it worked. If I installed the keyboard and trackpad kext from the installer package, the track pad wouldnt work even with a mouse plugged in, so I used the kexts from a other known package and worked with out a mouse or keyboard being plugged in. For the USB stick to boot I had to put my smbios.plist into a extra folder on the usb stick for some strange reason, otherwise I would get the still waiting for root device error.... Deleted the Nvidia kexts from ML and it booted straight away, installed DoiXs DSDT from the installer package and it worked, never worked for my system before, so am happy now, everything seems to be working correctly.. The only thing I need to check is if speedstep is working correctly.... Do I just run MSRDumper.kext like before?
  6. Thanks again DoiX, boots into ML fine now!! Appreciated..
  7. Beat me to it :wink2: I used them from another installer and alls well now, apart from it hangs at [iOBluetooth.................] bit now, more researching tomorrow!! Edit: can boot into ML if i use these flags -v -x -f, getting somewhere now!
  8. Has anybody else had this problem with ML first boot: http://i132.photobuc...80/dbbdd641.jpg done a few searches and can't seem to find anything, it just hangs when it gets to this. FakeSMC is installed tried it a few times now by kextwizard. Fresh install of ML, ran chameleon r1820, installed FakeSMC and NullCpuPowerManagement kexts through a working Lion install and thats it..... Any help appreciated..
  9. Cheers for that, will give it a try.. Took the numbers out because of posting it here, force of habit i guess...If I can't get the installer to work past the Mac OSX installation error, will install it the way you told me to install Lion, open the OSinstall.mpkg in a working OSX install, would be nice to install something from USB for once though! Edit: finally installed from USB, downloaded ML from app store to working lion install this time, followed the long method, had to install trackpad and keyboard kext from another cant be named package to the USB install, including my smbios.plist and all worked out.. Woohoo!!
  10. @DoiX, Ive worked out that I don't need to put any flags in when trying to install ML from USB all I need is smbios.plist in the extra folder. delete this and I get the still waiting for root device.... <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "http://www.apple.com/DTDs/PropertyList-1.0.dtd"> <plist version="1.0"> <dict> <key>SMfamily</key> <string>MacBook Pro</string> <key>SMproductname</key> <string>MacBookPro8,2</string> <key>SMboardproduct</key> <string>Mac-(removed numbers)</string> <key>SMserial</key> <string>(removed serial)</string> <key>SMbiosversion</key> <string>######.tonymacx86.com</string> </dict> </plist> I don't know if this makes any sense of why this would make it boot to the installer? Im getting stuck when the installer screen appears: https://www.dropbox....%2009.38.24.jpg Am I right in thinking its just the files on the USB stick causing this error? possible corrupt file?
  11. Yeah, added the extra folder and it boots really quickly into the install screen, I'm thinking it had something to do with the org.Chameleon.Boot.plist? , although trackpad not working, keyboard does.. Read somewhere about plugging keyboard or mouse in, think I had to do that with lion... Silly question but how do you repair permissions on the bootable USB stick when in Lion? is it just a case of dragging the usb icon over the kext utility icon?
  12. Ok, so added my extra folder from working lion install to USB stick, and it's worked, got to install screen!! Happy days, so onto the next challenge..
  13. Im still getting the waiting for root......... message: https://www.dropbox....%2021.32.24.jpg Used flags: -v UseKernelCache=No Installed the keyboard and trackpad kexts from DoiX's v1.4 Funnily enough I could never get SL or Lion to install from USB stick, iirc the same message used to come up, so wether I'm missing something in the setup process when making the bootable stick? Checked in disk utility and the USB is still MBR, followed PCWIZ13 guide to the letter, tried the original 750gb HD.... Read through the previous few pages and pretty much tried all the suggestions to no avail. Forgot how much fun this can be :wink2: Used the kexts from the resource pack DoiX posted a few pages back, Used Enoch and chameleon on different sticks...
  14. @DoiX, Meant to reply last night. The reason for wanting to install ML is my current Lion install is broke, takes over 5 minutes to load for some reason, but it was only when I tried to do the long method I found Disk Utility wouldn't restore the image to my USB stick!! so plugged in my other HD with a working Lion install from last november and was able to restore to the USB, so hopefully there should be no reason why your app won't work for me now. Im getting, Still waiting for root device problem ... but just noticed you've updated your package to cure this problem, will give it a try now. Thanks for help DoiX, appreciated!!
  15. Thanks DoiX, but still can't get it to work. I think I got the original error as I was trying to load the ML.app into your app, oops, realised it was the InstallESD.dmg i should have been loading.. Anyway it gets to the point of asking where the new image should be saved, then comes up: Phase 2/4: Converting Image to a read write format. This may take a couple of minutes! Click on ok but I now get this error message: Not sure why 2 progress bars are in the pic above! Ive tried the method you said of going through disk utility first, that converts it to read/write, but still doesn't work in the app.