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  1. atheros 1l on osx 10.8

    np mate, heres the audio kext you asked for in the PM, i post it here because i cant upload it in the PM go to S/L/E, make backup of your current AppleHDA.kext and place the patched kext there,you need to backup because you will need to replace the "patched" one with the original one if you want to update when there is an patch available for 10.8 and switch it again after you updated but before you reboot. ________________________________________________ this kext has only input from mic, output from back-green connector and headphone output from front port, but you have to change it manually in setting if you want to use the headphone output, os x does not recognize it automatically if you put your headphone in. ________________________________________________ while im posting to you, try to install something from the app store (something free, rss reader or something else) if you getting an "cannot verify this computer" error, i have a fix for that too. so let me know if you have problems grtz AppleHDA.kext.zip
  2. atheros 1l on osx 10.8

    hello, i'm using this kext, just place it in S/L/E, changed nothing else i used it on my Lion install but works with 10.8 too i have an working audio kext too if you want. grtz AttansicL1eEthernet.kext.zip
  3. changing the output ports like you said didn't help. btw, what DOES cuda do then? and what about DSDT, is it good to extract my DSDT to /extra AND patching it?
  4. Introduce yourself.

    Hello, my name is Andy, i'm from Belgium. I'm new on this forum but not to the "hackintosh scene' as you can see in my signature i have 10.8 installed on my p5q, and now i'm trying to run 10.8 on my Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop. but i'm getting some help with an other user on this forum. I also own a Ibook g4 and a Powermac G3 Blue and White, when i have time i will put my p5q in my G3 case but i it won't be easy since it is an full ATX board. if anyone has an clear tutorial for it, please, let me know, since i don't know how the power on, reset buttons works, but as i said, i will look into it more when i have time. greatings, and... Hello InsanelyMac users!!! btw, if you think if i can help you with something, feel free to pm me.
  5. same thing with my zotac nvidia gt 440 2gb, i have cuda installed