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  1. Samsung N140

    Yep that seems to have worked, I had to disable mirroring (which the Inel GMA doesnt seem to support). I'm getting different issues now though - the N140 isnt playing nice with certain things on the extended video out, like anything with Flash videos, and powerpoint slide shows
  2. Samsung N140

    I started again from scratch - Snow Leopard retail disk, restored to a USB stick and run NetbookInstaller. This has worked perfectly - got the right resolution, and found a kext to get the sound working. I've just ordered a dell 1397 wifi card to replace the internal one. It was less than £5 delivered - bargain! The only thing I cant get working is the the video out to a monitor. If this were working I could give it to my girlfriend and she could ditch Windows altogether. Unfortunately she needs to show powerpoints to her students at school so she will need to boot into windows to get that to work
  3. Samsung N140

    You're having more luck than me. What kext driver did you use for the graphics card? I cant get beyond the standard 800x600 on my N140.
  4. Samsung N140

    I'm having more luck with iPortable Snow. Just having troubles with loading the Kexts. Netbook wont boot now, so i'm writing the image again to start over.
  5. Samsung N140

    Hi Don. I've tried three different distros (not retail copies). I started with MSIWindOSx86 as I had read that the N140 is like the NC10, and the NC10 is similar to the MSI Wind - so I followed a MSI Wind guide and downloaded the corresponding ISO to disk. This is where my problems started. I could boot from the disk, and go through the installation, but it will always fail at about 75% and give me a "could not validate the BaseSystem package" error. I have tried with two other ISOs (iDeneb and SnowLeoDVD) but both give me errors. I have also tried burning the ISO/DMGs to USB and booting from there, which installs much faster but still fails toward the end. I have read that these errors can be because of bad DVD media, or laptop memory, so I have ruled those out by trying different DDR2 RAM, and using other DVDs / USB sticks. Tonight I am going to try iPortable Snow, which is like a Live OS for OSX and bootable from a USB drive. If this does work, I am going to try and restore the USB install to my hard drive (I believe this should be possible). I'll let you know how I get on!
  6. Samsung N140

    Thanks. I had already seen that. The device is compatible, but I am not getting past the installation - it fails each time.
  7. Samsung N140

    Hi All, I'm new to this, but have read up on it for the past few weeks, so I'm quite clued up now. I've bought a second hand N140 on eBay with the hope of installing a Win 7 / OSX dual boot to give it to my girlfriend for her birthday. She has a Mac Book Pro at the moment, but would like something portable to take to university. I've tried two distros so far - MSIWindOSx86 as suggeset by a tutorial, and SnowLeo. Both downloaded from torrent sites. With both ISOs im getting about 75% through the install and getting an error, either a BaseSystem error, or an Essentials error. I've tried this over DVD, and USB using OSx86 tools, but neither works. The ISOs seem fine as I am able to install OSX with them on another system with VMWare. I've also tried different RAM as I've been told from googling that RAM might be the issue. Again still giving me the same error. Could anyone help? Or possibly suggest a way I can get the install onto the device through another means (maybe a Virtual-to-Physical from my VMWare install?) Thanks. Steve