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  1. Thank you very much! This zip has the files in it.
  2. Incorrect. I used the default Mac one: simply double clicked the file, and got what you see in the file structure screenshot in post #504. The zip file looks precisely like the sort of zip file that the github.com zip service produces, PAX header and all. Are you saying that your zip doesn't match the structure in the image from post #504? If so, I ask again, please attach a zip of the files as you extracted them I'm so very keen to move on to Lion. Thanks!
  3. Brutus, when I download the 1.1 zip, I don't see the mkboot and finalize scripts that are referred to in the step by step instructions. Are you saying that you have these files in your version? If so, could you attach your copy of the zip, please? I posted about this before (post w/ screenshot: #504) but no one seems to have noticed. Thanks very much!
  4. no mkboot or finalize files in the 1.1 zip. unable to proceed from step 4: sudo install/mkboot ... please advise what to do!