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  1. Clevo W150HRM has a quirky DSDT/SSDT

    Hi, I currently run Linux and Windows and have plans to triple boot in the immediate future, but my ACPI tables are making life a bit difficult due to a complicated muxless Optimus wiring that has yet to be figured out. I know the commands to turn my Nvidia card off involve _DSM and _PS3 found in SSDT5, but I'm finding that _PS0 or _ON are not sufficient in re-enabling the card completely. It's also my understanding that the Dell Inspiron N5110 with the 525M uses similar calls. If you guys can point me towards the right calls, that would be awesome. Attached is my entire ACPI table in plain-text file and thanks. CLEVO_CO._W150HRM_N_A_CLEVO_CO._W150HRM_N_A.tar.gz