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  1. What about the new ATI HD4850 ?

    can we fill out some "apple-please-support-this-hardware" - Form? i want to buy myself an ATI 4870 too next week. Temperature wouldnt be a problem because I am cooling with water ^^ maybe its best we all fill out this: http://www.apple.com/feedback/macosx.html and request a driver for ati's 4850 and 4870 graphic cards.
  2. i have os x 10.4.10 now on my P5W DH and it works but how the hell do i get eSata to work? several people say it works but it works not - not in AHCI and not in Basic Mode. Has someone a kext for the jmicron controller? (i think it is jmicron right?) I need eSata (okay i can fake it with cable but it would be nicer if it would be the REAL eSata of my P5W
  3. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    can you give a statement to my post on page 111 please ... Why is sound lagging at not full cpu speed.
  4. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    I got my sound wirking with stac9200 but it only works with fastest speedstep (1733Mhz). can you have a quick look at this thread: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=62619 please. thanks in advice
  5. Audio Playback only works if I set the speedstep to the highest value (1733) at 1333 Mhz it starts to lag heavily. CPU usage does not go over 3 % (only VLC) so its not the CPU usage that kills it. I am using stac9200.txt and AppleHDA Patcher. Any ideas why this is this way? Quicktime is the same by the way. Videos with sound only work at 1733 mhz.
  6. ez Controller with Orange ports is really slow ... but if it works with windows and osX it would be nice. ICH7R does not work in Raid mode right - so black ports only in IDE or AHCI mode - is this information correct?
  7. 1) ICH7 Raid sets working? (able to boot from?) 2) eSata Working on P5W?
  8. eSata on Asus P5W DH`

    * push * nobody tried eSata on Asus P5W ?
  9. Will the Mainboards eSata controller work? Do you think it will be faster than an FW or USB 2.0 storage solution? Can someone proof if eSata works on the Asus P5W DH (i think its the Jmicron controller).
  10. Can you tell my why SSE2 CPUs are slower then cpus with sse3? Someone told me that this is because every sse3 command has to be converted into a sse2 command. I guess QE and CI and CoreAnimation are alle compiled with sse3 compiler flags. 1) Is that correct? 2) What chance do we have to see a kernel for SSE2 with working sleep?
  11. How much did you pay on ebay because I am trying at the moment too but in Germany and Austria people are pushing prices very close to a new MBP. Often the Apple on Campus offer (~ 1670 €) comes cheaper than buying a refurb at ebay :-(
  12. every new PowerBook Pro has a GF 8600 - so why there isnt gf8 support?
  13. yeah i tried to open it with Xcode but although I can code Java and pascal i thought ... what the {censored}! *g* No Idea where to start ... i think its a kext problem and not the bundle.
  14. SpeedStep GUI

    i think i have the same problems. And YES i changed the update intervall ... but even 500 ms or what the lowest value is - its just to slow to kick in right in time! I only have a Centrino with SSE2 ... my dashboard and expose is slow at 800 mhz but at 1733 mhz is very nice. dashboard starts faster than the speedsteping reacts so it pops up with 800 mhz (at lease the first 500 ms)
  15. SpeedStep GUI

    I like it too but it would be nice if there is a setting that handles like the linux kernel governors do. In Linux there is speedstep governor called "on demand" that takes care of thresholds and so on. but its not really threshold based i think ... its really damn fast on switching cpu freqs so i would like to see that under os x .. even if I set the thresholds to something like 95% and the other value very close it is not fast switching in my opinion.