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  1. Did Exman say where did he get those letters from? Probably it was from 10steps tutorial http://10steps.sg/tutorials/photoshop/text-on-fire-effect/
  2. I wanted to share with you guys what I have found....it is called Flame Painter - http://flame-painter.com It seems to be quite funny stuff and it makes you feel like an artist when you just simply move a mouse on the screen. And the best thing is that there is a free online version, too - here is a link - http://www.escapemot.../index.html#top I don't think I am any talented in drawing, but I am so proud of myself creating my avatar there. So, what do you think about this app?
  3. Flame Painter 1.5

    I love this painter!!! There is a version 1.5 out there with new features, you can also save brush presets now http://flame.escapemotions.com and free version is here: http://www.escapemotions.com/experiments/flame/index.html I am not the best in it, but it makes me feel artistic This cool picture picture is painted by Peter Blaskovic :