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  1. Makes sense. So booting with injected kexts only with FakeSMC I get this.
  2. Okay, derp, I figured what you meant (i think at least). So I booted without injecting any kexts. The system hangs here for a while then reboots.
  3. Rodger that, little confused though. Is that clover boot option or an install option? (excuse my ignorance, first time getting back into the scene in many, many years lol)
  4. So I goofed, I didn't have the right chipset loaded (X99 in my case). Here is a new upload and the KP on screen reconfigured for X99. Thanks! Send me dasoss-air.den.wetdoggo.com.zip
  5. Thanks! However, I seem to be running into some KPs. Ill try and post a back trace later on.
  6. Thanks!!! Send me dasoss-MacBook-Air.zip
  7. Blowing off the dust on this one but think anyone could give me a hand with an X10DRH? I got it mostly up and running but I had to drop the custom DSDT posted on this tread. Curious if someone could perhaps make a custom one (or know if there is one that I couldnt find. Thanks!
  8. Hi Gents! Im looking at getting a X10DRH up and running with Mojave. I have it, about 70ish % working? I followed some of the Clover specs from this post... Which at least gets me to a loaded desktop. Still have no working onboard Ethernet (using a wifi compatible USB thing for now). System is a server I dont use often but with dual 8 core v4 Xeons and 131GB of DDR4 would be useful for editing / rendering This board has no onboard audio so ill use a compatible USB and or install a card down the road.
  9. Dasoslukos

    Kakewalk 4: Makes installing Lion a breeze

    I am having this same problem as well. Any advice an how to correct it? Thanks.
  10. Dasoslukos

    Kakewalk 4: Makes installing Lion a breeze

    Anyone had any luck with the GA EP45-DS3R? Its not on his list but i have the DSDT still so Id think it wouldn't be a problem. I could just remake my Cham stick and go the long route but kake looks sooo much nice
  11. I have a custom built intel P4 Northwood 2.8 w/HT and 1gb ram. Its running on an Intel 865Perll motherboard and works great on 10.4.8. I had to use 10.4.7 and then upgrade but has worked well. Im trying to get the system updated as more and more programs require at least 10.4.9 or higher. Ive tryed the uphuck dvds and i can't seem to get the system online. After the install i just get an error stating it cant load. I think i read it might be a common problem with my older motherboard. Anyone have an thoughts? Thanks.