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  1. Sony Vaio VGN NR11S OSX86

    Ok, so I got to install OS X 10.6 successfully, for the first time i got 4 screen mirrored in the main display, and after that i deleted the kexts AppleIntelGMA950 and AppleIntelX3100FB, after that i got to boot without problem. I then instaled the AppleIntelX3100 and the natit kext, and after that I never got image again, now booting with -v the only thing I get is a Waiting for DSMOS indication. What should I do? Best Regards and thanks in advance!
  2. Sony Vaio VGN NR11S OSX86

    Hi everyone I got my hands on Vaio VGN NR11S, on witch I want to install OS X. I've been researching the foruns, and still didn't get any example or case of someone who has used one of this laptops with a installation of OS X86. So the laptop has the following specs: CPU - Core 2 Duo T5250 Chipset - INTEL GM965 Graphic Adapter - Intel GMA X3100 Audio - Realtek HD Audio Wifi - Intel3945ABG (this one i assume will not work.) So I was planning to install Leopard or Snow Leopard, since I think Lion will be a little bit too much for this buddy. Any idea of what distribution I should use? Best Regards and thanks in advance!
  3. Input Type on P5K Wifi Editon

    I'm trying to get garage band to work with my guitar, but i can't get any selection of inputs beside my CD, i'm using Voodoo HDA, but on the input section i can't get anymore options of input beside the CD input. If someone from this great comunite could help it woud be wonderfull I'm running OS X 10.5.7 with VoodooHDA kext as the audio controller.
  4. Trying to Install iATKOS v4a

    Hello everyone, yesterday i grabbed the ISO of iATKOS V4A since i have and AMD, and i started the procedures for the install... I have a AMD Athlon 3700 San Diego, on a DFI NF4 Ultra - D with 1GB of RAM, and i'm installing the OS X in a 40GB IDE drive since todays morning i've been trying to get this to work, but unfortunatelly i can't... I've already installed the OS X twice and i always get a kernel panic when i try to boot OS X for the first... Been searching for solutions on the forum, but i haven't find any solutions so far... If someone could give me some advice or help it would be great Thank you all in advance