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  1. New GTX 660 install

    cant cause i have 10.8.4... restarting now no still not working it stuks at sound assertion in appleHDACodecGeneric at line 360
  2. New GTX 660 install

    now if i boot in safe mode i see the inlog screen but i usb is not working anymore...... yes it is, the onboard hd 4000 is disabled as well
  3. New GTX 660 install

    Chimera 2.0.1 Just tried it Stuck at BluetoothHCIcontroller
  4. New GTX 660 install

    Nobosy any idea?
  5. New GTX 660 install

    Without luck, cant even boot anymore with the HD 4000
  6. New GTX 660 install

    i just tried a clean install of 10.8.3 without luck same error. I have a image but cant upload here. Im going to try the offical nvidea driver.
  7. New GTX 660 install

    Hi, Last week i have sold my old HD 5770 The last week i have worked on the onboard gpu HD4000 Now today i bought myself a Asus Direct cu II GTX 660 But it doesnt work in my hackintosh. I stucks with this error: NTFS-FS Warning then the location of the drive's then log file not clean unable to mount. I cant get a photo from it, my camera cant focus on this range. I have two drive's If i boot without the GTX 660 there is no error. I have tried with this bootflags GraphicsEnabler=No PCIRootUID=0 -V -X Non of them let me boot. One with osx 10.8.3 and one with Windows 7 Specs of my system: *intel core i7 3770 *Asrock H77M-ITX *8Gb Ram *Asus Direct CUII 660GTX Anybody any idea? Sorry for the bad english, not my primary language.