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  1. As I've not had any useful responses, I continued my web searching and turned up a thread on xtremesystems.org that shows that the BX1 can handle the Q6600. http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=122350 Looks like the contributor, eva2000, has done quite a bit of working using the Q6600 on the BX1, so I'm planning to give it go. Worst case, I'll just have to buy a new mobo if it doesn't work out on the BX1. Gimboid
  2. I've been searching around and it looks like this board may support the Q6600, but not officially. I think there could be some power issues, but it's unclear to me. I have a 305 rev board. Early reviews of the quad core used the BX rather than the BX2, but I'm not sure if these boards had been modded to make them work. As the Q6600 has dropped quite a bit, I'd like to consider it as I have a Bad Axe 1, but don't want to have to fork out for a new BX2 as this would impact the cost/performance gain. I do quite a bit of multi-threaded, math intensive work, so I can make use of the extra cores. If I can't get a definate answer, I'll just buy a high end core 2 duo instead. Gimboid
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    Nvidia Quadro NVS 280 PCI

    I had a problem with installing a video card after doing an install with GMA950. It appears that the OpenGL driver is different for intel than the nVidia (I posted on the P5LD-VM howto about this). I did a from fresh install with the nVidia card installed and without GMA950 driver. I then installed Natit and had full QE/CI on dual display. I don't think you'll be able to run triple with intel and nVidia, if you want 3 displays, the easiest solution may be to install another nVidia card. Gimboid
  4. Hello All, I what to sell this MB and Case as I want a system with more memory. I've already brought a bad axe to replace it. The MB was an open box return, it is missing the I/O shield but everything works fine. This motherboard is proving difficult to find, hence the reason I went for an openbox. Got the system fully working with 10.4.9 with a nVidia 7600GT and 4 GB of memory and can throw in a image of the install if needed. The case is an Lian-Li PC-V300 in Black. It's a uATX, hence the neeed to sell as the bad axe is std ATX Case and MB $160 + shipping. I live near Portland, Oregon and would prefer to sell locally. Cheers, Gimboid
  5. Gimboid

    The Asus P5LD2-VM How-To Guide

    Just an additional piece of info regarding installing a video card after installing using the on board GMA 950 of the P5LD2-VM. I installed a Gigabyte 7600GT 256MB Silient Pipe (id 0x0391) and used various versions of Natit and Titan and couldn't get anything to work (black screen, blue screen, jumbled mess). After many experiments and web searches, I spotted a comment on one of the threads in the foum (cannot find the reference at the moment) that said the OpenGL for GMA 950 is different than for NVidia. There was a method of extracting the OpenGL for nVidia from the install DVD, but I decide to go for a fresh install as the other method seemed like too much work! I re-installed without GMA 950, added Natit 02 dual screen, and everything is running great with ci and quartz (dual 19" CRT 1400x1050). Cheers, Gimboid