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  1. Sapphire Radeon 5450 HD Not giving any support!

    no i got it up to 10.6.7 and thought i was safe there, should i go to 10.6.8? i have an amd dc5750... and what is this kabyls boot file? ive never heard of it, will it work with amd? Thanks for the responses guys, KEEP THEM COMING!!!
  2. Hey guys, I read online that the Sapphire 5450 was fully compatible with snow leopard for hackintoshs. I just recently finished my dc5750 hackintosh and tried everything i knew possible to get it to work. Nothing has worked yet. It is an amd ystem with 2gb of ram, the onboard video kinda sucks thats why i need this card to work. It gives me 1024x768 support with no qe/ci support. It says it only has 256mb of vram but its a 1bg card. PLEASE HELP!! I NEED THIS TO WORK SO BADLY!!
  3. Please Help!

    Thanks RLF for trying but the guide didn't help. Ill just go down to 10.5.8 till i can find a way to do it or until someone posts how they did it at a later time
  4. Please Help!

    when i type -v i get a bunch of backtrace errors.
  5. Please Help!

    alright i got the whole system to work using snow leopard universal cd but i can only boot into safe mode using -x, when i dont i get a kernal panic, ill keep messing with it but in safe mode i cant get it to read my usb to install the ATIATA.kext or SB700.kext that i have
  6. Please Help!

    Ok so im starting fresh with a new boot cd, but are there any packages or patches i need to add for an amd computer? if so how do i do this? i havent seen anything on the internet or google for it. And if not i just boot with the retail boot cd correct?
  7. Please Help!

    I tried setting up my Boot Disk but it wont burn correctly. I cant install the right kext packages to get it to boot with ATIATA.kext. How would i go about putting that into a disk and being able to select it when it comes time to install?
  8. Please Help!

    On your page http://forum.voodoop...x.php/topic,649 I cannot find the link to your chameleon 2.1 archive. Also will this reboot if not in AHCI? because i dont have that support
  9. Please Help!

    Ok thank you, ill be sure to post back if it works
  10. Please Help!

    How would i go about doing this? sorry im kind of a noob. all my otherr installs work right away
  11. Please Help!

    I saw that post and i cant find the guide he is using and the specs are Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core 4000+ processor 2.1 GHz 1 MB L2 cache 2000 MHz front side bus chipset: ATI Radeon® XPRESS 1150 RAM: 2 GB 800 MHz DDR2 SDRAM Graphics: Integrated ATI Radeon X300 graphics with VGA and DVI-D Hard Drive: 80 GB 7200 rpm RAID SATA 3.0 Gb/s Network: Integrated Broadcom 5755 Gigabit Ethernet Audio: Integrated High Definition audio with Realtek 2 channel ALC260 codec (all ports are stereo) I think thats everything. I dont have AHCI support on this motherboard. I don't know if that means i can't do it This is what i get in verbose from PCUniversal
  12. Please Help!

    do you mean the installed OS? or when i try to install Iatkos? because iAtkos hangs at 'still waiting for root device' and in the PCuniversal install, ill post a picture of where it hangs
  13. Hey Guys, For a while now ive been trying to install snow leopard on my everex sa2053t laptop. I know its compatible because it has the intel core duo and i can run idenebs 10.5.8 distro. I cant seem to get any other distro to work though. Is there an easier way of doing it? Please HELP!
  14. Please Help!

    Hey guys, I have a DC5750 small form factor by hp and i want to run snow leopard on it. I have had no luck getting past the "still waiting for root device" on iAtkos s3 v2 and i have managed to get to a cutomize screen using Snowleopard universal PC but everytime i install and reboot it goes to kernal panic. Is there any way to install snow leopard on this machine?
  15. Hey guys, I have tried every snow leopard distros i could think of and haven't had any luck. Do you guys know of any? I used IHazard 10.6.6i and it failed. I used IHazard 10.6.1_10.6.2 AMD hackintosh one and get a kernal panic after install reboot and with iatkos i get the still waiting for root device. My mobo doesn't support AHCI standards is there any way to get around it? Also i have a really weird chipset, the ATI Xpress200 series and not many distros I've seen have them. If anyone can help that'd be amazing!!!