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  1. [GUIDE] USB Fix El Capitan 10.11

    Update: with latest usbinjectall.kext in extra/extensions and in XHCI PriBoot Mode ->Enabled bios setting i am getting now all usb2 and usb3 ports working. but sill no luck with XHCI PriBoot Mode ->Auto setting. elcaptain freezes while booting. now i am genna set the XHCI PriBoot Mode ->Enabled and install windows-10.
  2. [GUIDE] USB Fix El Capitan 10.11

    Help with USB-Injector required. Little help will be appreciated. i have tried a lot but unable to succeed. i have attached ioreg of USB ports of Yosemite attached extra folder of ElCaptain. my laptop is : http://www.asus.com/Notebooks/ROG-GL552JX/specifications/ i am having USBinjectAll.kext at S/L/E/. in BIOS XHCI PriBoot Mode ->Disabled -> ElCaptain boots,all devices working, USB3 HDD works as USB2 Enabled -> ElCaptain boots, None USB2&3 ports works Auto -> ElCaptain hangs while booting i have gone through posts and i understand that with proper USB injector ElCaptain will boot. Please help me in this. i am having a fully functional Yosemite 10.10.5 in this laptop. extra.zip
  3. USB 3.0 Problem caused by faulty DSDT

    if i can find code to manually reset all usb ports from console....... .may work.....who knows..............still searching for the code.....
  4. USB 3.0 Problem caused by faulty DSDT

    here are the files. Hi Micky, Welcome. Are you sure you are having USB2.0 port problem and not USB3.0? Cause mine is USB3.0 port problem which i understood very late, after seeing mounting of USB device in PXHCD under RP04 (which is USB3.0) can you post your ioreg screen-shot after mounting of USB device as i have attached mine in here at starting...!!! ioreg.zip
  5. USB 3.0 Problem caused by faulty DSDT

    Any +ve results ?
  6. USB 3.0 Problem caused by faulty DSDT

    Working as normal after sleep even with two IRQs in HPET.
  7. USB 3.0 Problem caused by faulty DSDT

    i think you are pointing out to the IRQ conflict issue. i have checked that my USB3 device on RP04 port is using IRQ(13) and nothing else is using this IRQ except USB3. hence, i guess IRQ is not causing the problem. any ways i will test this and post the result.
  8. USB 3.0 Problem caused by faulty DSDT

    Here is the PXHCD.kext and i am using it in Extra\Extenion folder Nope. it has come default with original extracted DSDT with linux live CD. i have added just the device names under APRTs. i have checked with IOregisrtyexporer that what IRQs HPET i using and added those 4 IRQs in my DSDT. i have not applied any DSDT fixes except addition of followings: 1. Device details in RP1, RP-2, RP-3, RP-4, 2. introduced ATI 6770m code under PEGP and audio in HDEF to get it detected 3. Rest all minor fixes like sleep, function keys, etc. i am attaching my freshly extracted DSDT for your reference. My BIOS is HP Insyde and i am using F.14 version. I would like to share in details about my USB issues: 1. USB2 on 0x1d is working OK. Any device plugged is detected normally. Sometimes i have to replug the usb device in this port after WAKE as they are not detected if they remain plugged before sleep. (Occurrence i very rare) 2. USB2 on 0x1a is not working i guess. not sure. this is an internal usb. Validity fingerprint sensor and HP truevision HD webcam connected to it. The HP truevision HD webcam is also not working.(Tried using anyisightcam.kext+ cameracontrol; didnt work in Lion-10.7.3) 3.USB 3.0 on RP04, problem as explained works after WAKE only. may be this can help you guys. Thanks. PXHCD_1.0.8_kext_patched_OSX10.6_10.7.zip DSDT_Original.aml.zip
  9. PRO help Required in Post Installation

    i have started a new topic under DSDT section: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=278984
  10. USB 3.0 Problem caused by faulty DSDT

    My problem continues from the following topic. http://www.insanelym...pic=274591&st=0 The problem is that my USB3 ports only work after WAKE from sleep. It is renesas usb3.0 with latest firmware. PXHCD.kext is loading successfully. if i plug anything to my USB3 port the system freezes and i have to restart the system. my USB3 ports works only after the system is put to sleep and then WAKE from sleep. Then it continues to work OK. Its not a driver problem or IRQ problem. i have attached my DSDT and screenshots. please help me solving this problem. DSDT.aml.zip
  11. PRO help Required in Post Installation

    can you guide me to a post where someone can help me with this problem?
  12. PRO help Required in Post Installation

    Update: At last found the working conditions. USB is only working after WAKE from Sleep. Now i am 100% sure it is a DSDT problem and not PXHCD.kext driver problem
  13. PRO help Required in Post Installation

    still i am not able to understand why it is behaving randomly...? once in 10 attempts a device is being detected.. still trying to understand under what conditions it is working...? it is a USB3 driver problem only......(Renesas USB3). now i am trying to figure-out what condition are making it work.
  14. PRO help Required in Post Installation

    @PookyMacMan The devices are being mounted on USB 3 super speed Bus and till the time i am looking in USB EHCI 1c2d controller...!!!! One more problem, the USB2 port is working randomly. Some time it acts normally and USB2 devices are mounted and some doen't work and the system freezes upon plugging a USB2 device. Do you have any idea what is causing the problem..? May be an IRQ conflict....?
  15. PRO help Required in Post Installation

    yet to find any solution for USB.....