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  1. Wow, I have sleep for the first time! I've tried dozens of configuration changes, and never had sleep working. I'll find out later today if it wakes up my geekbench 32bit has been about 1500 points lower since doing a clean install of 10.7.3, however the system feels 'snappier'. Thank you very much maleorderbride! your MacPro4,1.zip did the trick.
  2. I am interested... Geekbench scores would also be interesting to see....
  3. From what I've read I'm pretty sure you're going to need a ASM1061 controller for it. AFAIK that's the only controller that's giving sata 3 speed with the SF2 SSDs. But please correct me if I'm wrong!
  4. When you repartition the drive during install of 10.6.3 partition type are you using? It should be GUID. Make sure that your SATA is all set to AHCI not IDE in the bios.
  5. Yes, it's exactly the process I follow.
  6. From 10.6.4 download the zip from post #595, the 10.6.8 combo update from apple here, and get the latest [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] from tonymacx86 (google). 1. Run the combo update. Once it completes, don't restart, just leave the install window open 2. Remove everything in your Extra folder, and copy the contents of the zip into extra 3. Run [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url], select System Utilities, Drivers and Bootloader>Bootloaders>Chimera v1.4.1 r877, OSx86 Software>Kext Utility. [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] Install and the combo update will both crash while selecting your options, just run [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] again, check those three boxes again. Reboot, and squeeze your butt cheeks. Good luck.
  7. Updated to 10.7.1 this evening, sound was broken as usual, after reboot I put the attached kext back in s/l/e , ran kext util, and all was back to normal. AppleHDAALC889_lion.zip
  8. I too am using littlesnitch, however I did a 'clean' install. I didn't save any programs or their settings. Never had any boot issues... Perhaps you forgot to run kext helper before rebooting?
  9. Easy enough, I've been around for a while, however I'm not up on forum policies for external links and such... 1. download Lion from the market. 2. download chimera 1.4.1 (google) or whatever build of chameleon you prefer 3. download xmove 1.0 (google) 4. resize your leopard partition to leave 11.5gig of free space at the end 5. create a new partition in the empty space, name it install 6. Run xmove, and make sure you choose the partition 'install' as your destination!! (if you install it to your snow leopard partition you'll break your setup) 7. Once that is complete make sure you have either updated your chameleon, or you have run chimera. 8. reboot, at the boot screen select install as your boot device, and install! 9. once in lion copy any of the files you like from the attached archive (most of which are based from this thread, and some are not), to get sound working use the archive provided by the thread starter here. I think you'll need the network kext provided there as well, but I'm running on wireless so I never bothered. 10. Open terminal and paste: sudo perl -pi -e 's|\x8b\x45\xc8\x39\x45\xcc\x74\x0b|\x8b\x45\xc8\x39\x45\xcc\xeb\x0b|; s|\x8b\x45\xb4\x39\x45\xb8\x74\x08|\x8b\x45\xb4\x39\x45\xb8\xeb\x08|' /System/Library/Extensions/AppleRTC.kext/Contents/MacOS/AppleRTC you may wish to backup /System/Library/Extensions/AppleRTC.kext first. **Make sure you've updated your bios to FF *** All you fermi users NO MORE FREEZING!!!!!!! I gave up on lion with my 5750, so I put my GTS450 back in just to test the waters, and no freezes!! (this isn't exactly news at this point). Make sure you run kext utility before reboot. JPA has a much prettier, and well thought out guide here My geekbench under SL was 8950 My geekbech under lion is 10970!! (I think nullcpupowermanagement was slowing me down under SL) lion.zip
  10. DDi, Been up and running fine since day one... download from the market, and shoot me a PM I'll be happy to give you a run down. Please include specs
  11. ATi HD5000 BootLoader !

    I have been unable to get my Gigabyte 5750 to load properly, can you please share your ATY/ATI kexts. Did you use rom in /Extra? Thanks in advance!!
  12. MaLd0n, can you help me fine tunning my DSDT? I have a Gigabyte ga-x58a-ud3r (rev2) with 6g of ddr3 1800 ram, and an i7 920. My geekbench is 7332. Here is my dbmesg. msr(204): platform_info 00011201 msr(207): flex_ratio 00011200 CPU: Vendor/Model/ExtModel: 0x756e6547/0x1a/0x1 CPU: Family/ExtFamily: 0x6/0x0 CPU: MaxCoef/CurrCoef: 0x0/0x12 CPU: MaxDiv/CurrDiv: 0x0/0x0 CPU: TSCFreq: 2428MHz CPU: FSBFreq: 134MHz CPU: CPUFreq: 2428MHz CPU: NoCores/NoThreads: 8/16 CPU: Features: 0x000002ff Attempting to read GPT Read GPT Reading GPT partition 1, type Reading GPT partition 2, type Read HFS+ file: [hd(0,2)/Extra/com.apple.Boot.plist] 663 bytes. Attempting to read GPT Read GPT Reading GPT partition 1, type Reading GPT partition 2, type Attempting to read GPT Read GPT Reading GPT partition 1, type Reading GPT partition 2, type Attempting to read GPT Read GPT Reading GPT partition 1, type Reading GPT partition 2, type Setting boot-uuid to: Read HFS+ file: [hd(0,2)/System/Library/CoreServices/SystemVersion.plist] 479 bytes. Loading Darwin 10.6 Loading kernel mach_kernel Read HFS+ file: [hd(0,2)/mach_kernel] 4096 bytes. Read HFS+ file: [hd(0,2)/mach_kernel] 7442259 bytes. LoadDrivers: Loading from [/Extra/Extensions.mkext] Read HFS+ file: [hd(0,2)/Extra/Extensions.mkext] 4096 bytes. Read HFS+ file: [hd(0,2)/Extra/Extensions.mkext] 74329 bytes. LoadDrivers: Loading from [/System/Library/Caches/com.apple.kext.caches/Startup/Extensions.mkext] Read HFS+ file: [hd(0,2)/System/Library/Caches/com.apple.kext.caches/Startup/Extensions.mkext] 4096 bytes. Read HFS+ file: [hd(0,2)/System/Library/Caches/com.apple.kext.caches/Startup/Extensions.mkext] 4884647 bytes. Read HFS+ file: [hd(0,2)/Extra/DSDT.aml] 22290 bytes. Using PCI-Root-UID value: 1 LAN Controller [10ec:8168] :: PciRoot(0x1)/Pci(0x1c,0x4)/Pci(0x0,0x0) Setting up lan keys Read HFS+ file: [hd(0,2)/Extra/SMBIOS.plist] 802 bytes. Slot: 0 Type 24 2048MB (DDR3 SDRAM) 1600MHz Vendor=Super Talent PartNo=SUPERTALENT02 SerialNo=00000000 Slot: 2 Type 24 2048MB (DDR3 SDRAM) 1600MHz Vendor=Super Talent PartNo=SUPERTALENT02 SerialNo=00000000 Slot: 4 Type 24 2048MB (DDR3 SDRAM) 1600MHz Vendor=Super Talent PartNo=SUPERTALENT02 SerialNo=00000000 Patched DMI Table Found SMBIOS System Information Table 1 Customizing SystemID with : 00000000-0000-0000-0000-6cf049ef0d88 Read HFS+ file: [hd(0,2)/Extra/DSDT.aml] 22290 bytes. ACPI table not found: SSDT.aml FADT: Restart Fix applied! FADT: Using custom DSDT! Found ACPI CPU: CPU0 Found ACPI CPU: CPU1 Found ACPI CPU: CPU2 Found ACPI CPU: CPU3 Found ACPI CPU: CPU4 Found ACPI CPU: CPU5 Found ACPI CPU: CPU6 Found ACPI CPU: CPU7 Found ACPI CPU: CPU8 Found ACPI CPU: CPU9 Found ACPI CPU: CPUA Found ACPI CPU: CPUB Found ACPI CPU: CPUC Found ACPI CPU: CPUD Found ACPI CPU: CPUE Found ACPI CPU: CPUF SSDT with CPU C-States generated successfully Unsupported CPU: P-States not generated !!! RSDT: Added 1 SSDT table(s) Starting Darwin x86 Read HFS+ file: [hd(0,2)/Extra/Themes/Default/boot.png] 6461 bytes. logout And my DSDT. As you can see my ram is only reporting as 1600... and tweaks you can help me with would be greatly appreciated! DSDT.aml.zip
  13. ATI HD 5770

    I'm using a gigabyte 5750, Black screen with and without 1002_68be.rom on boot7, 8, and 9. My biggest nag is the jumpy mouse, it gets progressively worse, any tips on how to at least smooth out the mouse?
  14. I have a 920 cpu with a gigabyte ATI 5750, I've been running FB16 for some time now. I'm using a 920 DSDT, and currently Chameleon RC5 build 433 with c-states, and p-states being properly generated. I have two displays working with one problem. Whenever I switch to the Vervet family the mouse jumps all over the screen when it is near any sort of input field. When I switch to the Aukuri enabler I only get one screen working, but the system is silky smooth. Any suggestions?
  15. I don't believe it was any combination of patches, rather the right patch with repaired permissions... the last thing I did was to repair permissions of my OSX Volume, reboot, apply weaksauce12's patch included in his pack. It successfully repaired permissions on it's own (which had not happened before) the patch should take about 1.5-2 minutes for the permission to be repaired. Rebooted, and I had sound!