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  1. Take One, Leave One

    pool full of beer UPS or FedEx
  2. Back in the day when Diablo II was a big thing and everyone was playing I wanted to have a name that meant something (at least to me). I took all the letters in my name and rearranged them and spelled Refrost. When my friends saw it they were like, wtf thats a dumb name. When I told them it was my name, just rearranged they thought is kinda neat. That was about 3 years ago... been using it since.
  3. Buying Mac

    What are the price differences, or where should i look to buy on the internet? Dont have a retail store near that sells them. I would rather have a laptop. Just looking at desktops for $$$ savings.
  4. Buying Mac

    I am thinking about buying a Mac, and would like an experienced persons help in deciding what would work for me. I want it to be able to run World of Warcraft nice and smooth. Desktop or Laptop is fine (would like some input from both). I honestly dont know anything about Macs so any information you could give me would be much appriciated.