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  1. Hi, Does this method work for latest edition of clover, macos high sierra and fusion 10 pro. I have fusion 8.5 and it did work first time when i installed it late 2015
  2. ROM Error in El Capitan VM

    have the same problem here. efi.nvram.var.ROM = "0002c351aaa2" converted to ASCII gives "ÃQª¢" Convert this back to a 12 character hexadecimal you get : "02 c3 51 aa a2" Instead you should get : "00 02 c3 51 aa a2" Therefore my mac running as host never get the correct efi.nvram.var.ROM What is the problem ?
  3. Please can the guru's help, I have Fusion 8.5 with an old el caption guest os. I'm booting into an old version of clover which then starts up el capitan.It worsk 100% fine, heck even my imessage. The problem: I cannot find the site that help me to perform this about 2 years ago. i want to do the same with Fusion pro 10 firing up latest clover and boot into macOs High Sierra
  4. Pattern of MLB (Main Logic Board)

    Guys, This guide states "ROM part is defined in SmUUID and should be 12 chars and match the Apple's MAC address standard, otherwise illegal" Is this still valid ? Just come across a real iMac 17,1 with 11 char ROM value %ff%ff%ff%ff%fff or is it likely that this iMac has not been setup to communicate with the internet. It's a show piece for everyone to view and play with. There was no connectivity to the internet. Any feedback please
  5. Thank you so much for info Thank you, i missed stepped 2 where you copy the same uuid into CustomerUUID under systemParamaters. Will try it. Also did you replace the last pairs of digits with the MAC address of your ethernet card for SmUUID Regards
  6. Hi, After many failed attempts trying to get my friends IMessage to work, I'm hoping that you guys can perhaps share your thoughts. Can IMessage work on an Hackintosh without having a purchased IPhone or a real Mac ? Please share your experiences. We have successfully installed OSX 10.11.6 on Gigabyte Z170-hd3. - Created AppleID and registered card details etc.. - Using Clover boot loader. - Using IMac 17,1 SMBIOS - ImessageDebug reports everything fine We have looked at many forums and followed a number of guides without any success for iMessage
  7. [pre-releases] macOS Sierra

    Sorry man, I should have been more specific. You could try to put AppleHDA.kext in clover/kexts/other. I'm not sure how that will work out because macOS Sierra has its own appleHDA.kext on /system/library/extensions. My 10.11.5 does not have AppleHDA.kext under clover. Instead 1. from El Capitan /system/library/extensions copy AppleHDA.kext 2. from macOS Siera make a copy of AppleHDA.kext from /system/library/extensions. This is in case you need it to roll back. 3. use kextutility and install / override AppleHDA.kext (from point 1) on macOS Sierra /system/library/extensions 4. Reboot. 5. NOTE: - By default my macOS Sierra had no output sound device control (before point 3 &4) - I'm using Clover and injected the id's that was working for me on el capitan. I copied those Id's from my clover config on El capitan and transfered them to clover config on macOS Sierra - for El Capitan sound working using Toleda's method : https://github.com/toleda/audio_CloverALC
  8. [pre-releases] macOS Sierra

    Hi, Installation of macOS Sierra was super smooth on Z97X gaming 5 - Nvidia Geforce GTX970 - followed this guide : https://www.reddit.com/r/hackintosh/comments/4o0tjx/creating_a_macos_sierra_hackintosh/ - Used clover : http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/471-clover-v23k-special-edition-v3/ - Beta drivers of Nvidia also working : http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/312525-nvidia-web-driver-updates-for-macos-sierra-update-06152016/ - For audio I used AppleHDA from 10.11.5. Patch it with clover Tx to all for efforts
  9. Pattern of MLB (Main Logic Board)

    Hi Allan and fusion71au: Thank you for your efforts!! Assuming this is the way to go to obtain valid MLB values for 11 chrs serials as noted by holyfield http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/303073-pattern-of-mlb-main-logic-board/ To clarify production numbers, It could be a 3 step process for 11 char serial numbers e.g. 1. Identify digits 6-8 of your serial number : In the following pattern : PP Y WW 2B0 xxx. Which in this case is 2B0. 2. Convert 2B0 (base 34) to decimal using http://www.translatorscafe.com/cafe/units-converter/numbers/calculator/base-34-to-decimal/ yielding a dec value of 2686 (which is the production number). It also corresponds with the production number found here http://www.powerbookmedic.com/identify-mac-serial.php. I experimented with 6 serial numbers. I have found that in 2 instances the production number is out by 1. e.g. Base 34 convert 2AN gives 2675 while the site report the production number as 2674. 3. Finally, as per your description decimal convert the production number obtained in step 2 (2686) to base-36 using http://www.translatorscafe.com/cafe/units-converter/numbers/calculator/decimal-to-base-36/. This result in 022M. This value then form part of the pattern for MLB : G8814xxxxXDAx Therefore part of the the serial number matches part of the values for the MLB...... Of course step 2&3 could be converted into a single step : http://www.translatorscafe.com/cafe/units-converter/numbers/calculator/base-34-to-base-36/ Hence there is 2 ways to determine the production number. 1. You can look it up via sites or possibly 2. Convert part of the serial number to obtain the production number. Perhaps someone else already explained this in the posts or it was inferred. In that case forgive me for having to repeat the story line here.
  10. Pattern of MLB (Main Logic Board)

    Thanks Allan, so what you are saying we can manufacture / create any random value for "CCCC" part in the 13 character MLB? I'm not sure how long this would stick with apple
  11. Pattern of MLB (Main Logic Board)

    @fusion71au: How do you determine the ID - Model of hardware part = 6GCA Is that the EEE code ? The pattern take 4 characters "CCCC" What do you do when the EEE Code is only 3 character? Thanks