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  1. When will we see iLife/iWork 07?

    I think in the case of iLife that Apple will be rolling out more significant upgrades to .mac. Holding iLife out until that is ready seems a bit prudent. They could be waiting for Leopard to ship as well. I think one of the benefits of .mac is that it's primarily accessed via the web and now you have Safari for windows. It's feasible that Apple develops some nice AJAX tools for the next .mac that run well in Safari and thus would be accessible from either platform. Kudos if they do that.
  2. Core Animation

    I think that adding animation to UI judiciously could result in some marked improvements in design and usability. However the animation must serve a purpose rather than be gratuitous. I happen to think that Coverflow is a decent technology for folders with a relatively small amount of files. I think Leopard's grid view from the dock is very handy and I love the way you can go from playing a video using Quicklook to scaling it up to full screen width smoothly.
  3. http://www.appleinsider.com/articles/07/06...or_leopard.html Nice! We knew it would be there but I didn't think it'd be default. That means efforts to make ZFS bootable are going well.
  4. So if this the new leopard UI?

    Best option may be finally two "default" OS looks. Give people that need unobtrusive GUI the unified gray look and for those who like the bling give'em something that makes Aeroglass look like sand worn glass on the beach.
  5. Expect a new GUI in Leopard?

    I think Apple's certainly going to change the GUI. What those changes are ...I haven't a clue but odds are they'll likely be changes that work in conjuction with Core Animation. Thus we need to be thinking in terms of "If Apple is adding animation to Leopard as a tool for improved computing and not just flash. What GUI features have to change to support the new architecture?" We know that there will be dedicatated threads to the GPU for OpenGL rendering of the GUI. This means Apple can go "heavy" on UI stuff without the corresponding hit in display performance. Windows now may be able to slide back and out of your way in a quasi 3D manner. Preference settings for folders will probably be on the backside of the window. Apple's current unification could be just to create a base look that will allow them to add in a unified but vastly different UI over the top and ensure that widgets and other UI elements remain the same. If you're building a new foundation it's always easiest to build from flat ground. Interface Builder 3.0 contains a plugin format (XIB) and the ability to utilize more custom UI elements. Apple would be foolish not to show the benefits of XIB and more custom UI features. Note that in recent years Apple has not been cramming HIG dogma down developers throats. In fact they seem to be going more out of their way to encourage unique UI that "wow" customers to 3rd party developers. If you're a developer you're fingers are thanking Apple making Leopard easier to code for by reducing the amount of code you have to write. You're happy about the knew tools that will make you more efficient. Consumers don't give a damn about this stuff. They want the sizzle more than the steak and Apple will deliver the sizzle to consumers to match the steak they've fed developers.
  6. Yes we should know the whole kit n kaboodle come WWDC.
  7. Core Media: a new "Core" family member?

    http://www.coremedia.com/ DRM ?
  8. NO "Top Secrets"

    I'm thinking that Time Machine will eventually move to ZFS from Jounaled HFS+. I don't think that ZFS is a Top Secret feature as it's too geeky. The Top Secret feature is going to revolve around Apple's new focus. Core Animation thus far has been shown in very basic ways. When Apple shows CD covers flipping around and making shapes it doesn't spark the imagination of users. They are doing this because their usage of Core Animation in Leopard will be interesting and useful IMO. Next I believe Apple will be delivering some Web 2.0 stuff. It could be .mac 2 or something seperate. Apple is hyping AJAX heavily at WWDC. The best way to show developers that the tools work is to have an Apple application that provides glimpses into the power. Apple could turn a new .mac or AJAX application into one of the Top Secret features. It's clear that Apple wans to "Wow" consumers. I'm not thinking that what they will offer will be revolutionary but rather flashy but still useful. Apple generally knows when to tone things down.
  9. Is Leapord Turning into Vista

    I'm pretty sure I won't have to wait until the last week of spring before Leopard hits. Apple lately has been beatting their estimates for delivery. So I'm honestly thinking May 15th as a rough estimate. Apples policy has often been to eschew announcing a product unless it is ready for launch. If I had my druthers I'd love to see Apple announce the "Top Secret" features at the event prior to NAB or very shortly afterwards. I'd like this followed by an immediate seed to the developers with the proper documentation and support on how to support the ,hopefully, "minor" changes to their apps to support the TS features. That way Apple can target a mid May release for Leopard. Wishful thinking I know but rumor has it that Apple is delaying many applications for Leopard (iLife, iwork, Logic Pro 8) Perhaps they should seed developers within the next week and get to announcing the TS features within a week here so that they can preview the Pro Apps running on a special build of Leopard on April 15th. They're running out of time.
  10. Will you Buy it?

    I'll buy it. I need to upgrade my mini to 2GB of RAM though first. I certainly wouldn't bootleg it. Apple isn't forcing serial numbers on us and I want to keep it that way. I hope they have a special bundle that includes an iLife 07 and iWork 07 upgrades along with Leopard for under $200.
  11. Is Leapord Turning into Vista

    Apple has maintained that Leopard is shipping in the Spring. Spring "just" started this week so claims of them being late or Vista'like are a bit premature. I don't know if we'll see anything HUGE with the Top Secret features. Honestly I'm beginning to think Steve has fallen into the trap of overhype again (Way beyond the rumor sites). I'm liking the direction the Tiger. I want to see Resolution Independence work without much trouble, I want to see Quicktime have enough changes to warrant being called QT8. I want Spotlight and Automator to be more robust. I want iChat Theatre to totally rock. I want iCal, Addressbook and Mail to function in harmony like a trio. Then everything else is just gravvy.
  12. Apple TV hacked

    The ease at which you can bump the hard drive up and the Perian "support" has pretty much sold me on ?tv. Frankly I don't think Apple really cares about the HDD upgrade (the drive location just begs for easy upgrades) but they may shield off access to the QT frameworks if possible. We'll see but right now things are looking great.
  13. I want to see 1. A much faster Finder UI with Core Animation effects and flawless Resoultion Independence 2. QuartzGL (nee Quartz 2D Extreme) working well 3. Spotlight improvements with better search facilities and a new interface 4. A multi-user Core Data 5. Core Audio/Image/Video improvements 6. Safari 3 with proper AJAX support, better bookmark management and tabs. Ad a documented plugin feature as well 7. Quicktime 8 with much faster encoding and CABAC support for h.264 8. Sync Services that actually work 9. A uninstaller 10 iLife and iWork bundled and Leopard only.
  14. I don't think Apple is ready for the Enterprise honestly. I do think they are a natural fit for the SMB market though.