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    PCI Configuration Begin

    The kernel flag "npci=0x2000" is useless when I add DSDT.aml to Darwin. When I meet "DMOS is arrived", I prefer to repair The permisson of /S/L/E. use -s to enter single mod use these commands: /sbin/fsck -fy /sbin/mount -uw / chown -R root:wheel /System/Library/Extensions chmod -R 755 /System/Library/Extensions exit and wait, and you will meet the desktop
  2. The system runs not fluent seems paused, and the sound is not smooth, progress bar does not move, but it runs normal when I move the mouse, So if I want the system runs normal I must move the mouse always. I use USB keyboard and mouse, when I connect PS/2 keyboard the system boot a little slowly, and the USB mouse doesn't work normally, it can move but the button is unuseful, but it works normally after system start several minutes. What's wrong with my PC? My hardware configuration: Motherboard: Spark BA-270(south chip: AMD 790GX, north chip: SB750) CPU: AMD Athlonll X2 250 RAM: Kingston DDR3 1333 2G Keyboard and Mouse: USB System: 10.6.5 with Legacy kernel