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  1. Is there any kind of concensus on what the most successful osx86 distribution is for 750i based boards? I'm not sure if I should keep working on iDeneb dvds or iAtkos, or maybe i should be going in an entirely different direction all together.
  2. iDeneb v1.6 10.5.8 Lite Edition

    Are there any boot flags we can use other than the standard -v or cpus=1, for instance some alternate kernels or something? I'm stuck with "still waiting for root device".
  3. I've been fighting with my XFX 750i SLI motherboard for 7 straight days and have seen every possible roadblock on the way, cpus=1 various different kernels autorebooting all kinds of "15728 buffer blah blah" ACPI crashes "Still waiting for root device" errors kernel panics galore etc etc etc and I'm 100% positive it's the nForce 750i chipset, I've read topic after topic of people failing to get a working install with these chipsets. Well I finally got it, iDeneb 10.5.5 is working flawlessly on my XFX 750i SLI with Intel Core Duo 1.6GHz @ 2.66 GHz, 3GB DDR2 800, BFG Geforce 8600GT, SATA DVD with PATA Drives and SATA drives, Broadcom wireless card. Everything works including audio and lan. I have my BIOS set more or less as suggested by the guide for the iAtkos v7 distro (which did not work for me). Booted into the installer with "cpus=1 -v". Key selections that got this system up and running were the 9.4.0 modded kernel, Jmicron AND MCP67 chipset patches, I disabled the firewire kexts and made sure to select the ACPI fix, which I believe was the missing link. No bios modding, no DSDT nonsense no modifying kexts no jacking with the install disc no master/slave PATA jumper gayness, it just worked. If you've been fighting with a 750i based board, give iDeneb 10.5.5 a shot, hope my week long fight helps someone else out.
  4. atheros 5006EG WORKING!

    Can you expand a bit on step 6, "insert provided frameworks"
  5. Thanks uphuck, I appreciate that there are people out there doing this. v1.3 was a total failure for my machine, but 1.4i was so close. It works just fine if you install it correctly, unfortunately i'm not sure how to get either my laptop's broadcom 440x lan, intel pro 3945 wireless, or my "Intel high definition audio device." If I could get the sound and either of my network possibilities working i'd be dumping windows forever. Other than that, this release worked flawlessly for me.
  6. When I click a link to a dvd rip sample that is encoded as a wmv, it launches the quicktime standalone player and plays the clip. When it is encoded as an AVI or practically anything else, it opens a new web page and opens up that {censored} unbearable unresizeable quicktime browser plug-in. How can I make every single movie clip launch the quicktime app rather than using that {censored} browser plug-in? I'm using the latest versions of firefox and quicktime on 10.4.8.
  7. I guess Apple brought us down

    I've been running OSX 10.4.8 on my p4/geforce 7600gt system for about a week now doing hardcore work and without a hiccup. Vista and my pc apps were not as stable as my hackintosh. Your problem is your hardware, not OSX86.
  8. 8800GTS 1680x1050

    Have you tried the macvidia drivers? Worked like a charm for me in 10.4.7 to get 1680x1050x32 with my 7600gt. If you're using 10.4.8 look up titan.
  9. 1. Open the terminal (in OSX: Applications > Utilities) 2. Type in: sudo pico /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist 3. Add: < key>Graphics Mode< /key> < string>1280×1024×32< /string> 4. Save the file 5. Reboot