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    I run 10.4.8 on my T60, but...

    Hi. No there is no solution to this problem. Until Now only the X1600 cards are reported to work in this resolution. The X1400 uses different drivers than the X1600 and until now, it seems the driver for the X1400 has no support for internal LVD displays and therefore only supports well known VESA mode resolutions for CRT displays.
  2. jexxer

    Adobe Creative Suite 3

    I'm on a Core 2 Duo using kernel 10.4.9 and the License / Trial screen is crashing too. So i guess the crashing is independent from the TPM module stuff.
  3. Small Hint. If you have a Laptop or a no-name keyboard you should depend your decision on your mouse. There are the Microsoft keyboard / Mouse driver and the Logitech driver in this thread. If you have a Logitech mouse take the Logitech package If you have a microsoft mouse take the microsoft pack. Both provide a nice keyboard layout you can use that corrects nearly all keys AND you get some nice extra features for your mouse.
  4. Some findings about Lenovo T60: There are many different configurations out there. T60 with Intel Graphics: should work ok. AFAIK. T60 with ATI X1400 does work with CI & QE but you cannot change resolutions. You can not run a split desktop with external monitor. Mouse tearing at ist best T60 wide: ATI X1400 graphics are a pain in the a**. Resulotion is locked in 4:3 (1400x1050) mode. No way to get it to 16:10 (1680x1050). The internal display is always recognized as a CRT and not as a LCD. You have heavy mouse tearing and ugly 140px wide black boarders on each displayside. I have the T60 wide and did not manage to get sound working very well. sound out kinda works, but only plays files with 44.1khz for me. wav files with 22kHz have heavy distortion. No Input at all. If you'd ask me, the T60 (with X1400) is no recommendation for OSX86.
  5. after updateting to 10.4.9 the my battery is not recognized any longer and the battery indicator disapeared. Can s.o. validate this, or did i miss sth to restore after the update.