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  1. I installed OS X Lion in my vmware workstation 8.0.2. I want to know how to obtain a copy of vmtools for lion? I try to find it around the web and can only find the vmtools for vmware fusion 3.0 and the latest version is 4.1.1 is there a way to extract the vmtools from vm fusion? or is there a better way to obtain a copy of vmware tools for os x?
  2. Sorry, I'm a newbie to the mac virtual machine world, use the IOHIDFamily.kext from 10.7 does work, I just don't know how to install it. Once it's installed it works perfectly Here is a video explain what to do for any other newbie who don't know what to do. Apparently it's not as simple as copy and paste http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4kP1SR_Jxk
  3. I have the same issue, mouse focus lags behind actual mouse movement, using IOHIDFamily.kext from 10.7 didn't help. I found connect the USB mouse directly to the guest OS makes user experience a bit better, still mouse movement is a little weird not a perfect solution
  4. I fixed it, it's the wackiest fix you can imagine go to VMWare workstation click on Edit -> Preference -> Input uncheck Ungrab when cursor leaves window (need ctrl + alt + delete, task manager to get out of Lion) go back and recheck Ungrab when cursor leaves window, set optimize mouse for game to always, click ok then go back in and undo the change: Edit -> Preference -> Input check Grab keyboard and mouse input on key press uncheck keyboard and mouse input on key press set optimize mouse for game to automatic Don't know why but it worked copy and paste in and out of vm works fine now. Also i found when using xcode, mouse is a bit jerky, set the optimize mouse for game to true seen to fix it
  5. try this while lion is running in vmware workstation go to view -> customize click on Thumbnail Bar to turn on thumbnail bar then view -> customize click on Thumbnail Bar to switch it off It doesn't make any sense why it'll speed up but I tested it, does have slight improvement Also install the VMWare Tool it can be found in the vmware workstation 8, fusion 4 unlocker, run the darwin.iso in lion
  6. I'm running windows 7 business 64 I have Lion 10.7.2 installed on VMWare workstation 8. I've install the vmtool found in the Unlocker for Windows & Workstation 8 Build 471780, in the darwin.iso. I can copy text from lion and paste the text host machine, but when I copy text from host machine and try paste it into Lion it doesn't response, Anyone have any ideas why it happens or have any similar problems?