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  1. Hello, I had seen the last post of ik_ben_Mark on the XPS15 laptop, then I got some success installing ML with MyHack. Thank you man. Sadly I can not help you with Mavericks, at least for this moment. Anyway, I got some problems and I would like to ask. This is Not working: -> WiFi (no support, sadly) -> Sound Realtek HD audio -> Only boot in safe mode, video gets 1024x768 This is My Hardware -> L502X Dell XPS15, core i5 2430M -> 16GB RAM -> 1TB HSDD -> HD3000 Intel video (I dont care for the optimus Nvidia GT525M), able to do 1920x1080 -> Only USB3.0 ports This is what I had done: To get the installer working, I had to put the GenericUSB and a patched version of HD3000 kexts, So the Installer boots and the video does not get "noisy" and out of screen resolution. According to MyHack page, ML will not boot with GraphicsEnabler=No. After the instalation, I had to reinstall GenericUSB and patched HD3000 kexts, and also another kext for the Ethernet RT8111D. So, I would like to ask, anyone here got sound and normal boot (without -x flag) and full resolution? Do you have some suggestions? Thank you
  2. Hello Everyone, This is my first post here (after a long time), i am trying to install ML on a DELL XPS15 L502X with no sucess. I will briefly explain what do I had made and what do I got by now. Basically, I followed the instructions from PCWI13 http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/257950-guide-dell-xps-15-l502x-early-2011-snow-leopard-install-possibly-l702x-too/page-92?do=findComment&comment=1838169, with small changes. As I do not have an Apple machine, I was forced to use Virtualbox with L2. Virtualbox does not have guest additions to osx, so I created a new virtual drive with 8GB and used it like it was a USB Stick. Next, I used VBoxManage to convert the virtual disk (.vdi) file to a raw image (lets say, convert USB.vdi to USB.raw), so I could write this image on a external USB hard drive (using dd on linux) The USB hard drive worked great, but then got stuck with the message "still waiting for root device". I think I solved this installing the GenericUSBXCI.kext to /S/L/E and recreate the image to rewrite on the USB hard drive. By now, I got another problem that I can't find a working solution. The system get pass the point of the previous error, but halts with a message "FakeSMC: key not found BEMB, length -1". Screen Picture: http://fr.tinypic.com/r/e7axqw/8 Thank
  3. Hi, Excuse me if I am talking nonsense or something that is pretty obvious already, but for nvidia card i think it may be somewhat more complicated to get it working. I had a XPS15 L502X, i5 with GT525 and got win7, linux kubuntu 11.10 and Lion (thanks to Doix and the previous posts from SpeBlue on passing the keyboard not connected issue). I found out that the nv card is not connected to the display, it will only render the image for some apps and send the results to the pbuffer of the intel card to be displayed. Although nvidia has no plans to support this in linux, there is a alternative working really well. Its called Ironhide and I am using it right now. Basically, the ironhide will load the nvidia driver and start a new xserver for this card. If you call a application after the comand optirun, this will render any opengl in the second xserver and retrieve back the results (by a library called virtualgl) to the first one, that drives the intel card and the screen. On L502X as there is no hardware switch and the display is direct connected to the intel card, there is no other way to get the image rendered from the nvidia card. EDIT: Ironhide is a new project from the original author of bumblebee, started in a way that he may have more control over the development and aiming to support ubuntu and not a huge set of linux distros.
  4. Hello, this is my first post. I have a dell XPS15 L502X FullHD screen and got Lion Installed as your guide. Sadly, after first reboot I got a message complaining about the keyboard not being connected and also the mentioned pink noise screen. I also try to get it working using the instructions in the sticky topic on this forum. Selecting Voodoo PS2 at custom install render to a hang and messages complaining on unsupported chip ID=0x8518 and after I try to boot into single user, remount with read write permission and delete the two lines from "System/CoreService/Setup Assistant.app/Contents/Info.plist" (not that exact path, but the closer one) I got good video but still the same message. I also read many other posts but cant find something more applicable to my case other than these two hints mentioned before. Do you guys may suggest me something? Also, The laptop is a DELL XPS15 L502X i5 FullHD and the busratio on intel pages is 24. Thank you