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  1. Can't believe I just took 2 quizzes for the privilege of being allowed to post this advice. Anyway: Fixing broken OS X on an unsupported Mac when it breaks following a 10.7.2 upgrade... Stealing the principle from this post on a French forum it wasn't too hard to devise a way that does not require you to have another Mac, namely: Boot to your OS X Install DVD (hold down 'C' at boot). Choose a language and then select Terminal from the menu. Navigate with 'cd' to (might vary depending on your partition name) /Volumes/Macintosh HD/System/Library/CoreServices Carefully make a backup copy of PlatformSupport.plist with 'cp' e.g. "cp PlatformSupport.plist PlatformSupport.plist.bak" - you have root privileges and want insurance against messing this up. Use the very limited bash commands at your disposal to add "<string>Mac-F4208EC8</string>" (this is for most 2006 Mac Minis - you'll need a different string for other systems) in the right place, e.g. after the other strings but before the final gubbins. I used 'sed' to delete all the last closing tags, then concatenated the new string onto the end of the file (with >>) and put the closing tags back in the same way. Whitespace/indentation doesn't matter. Exit the installer and choose your normal partition as the boot disk. I guess there must be a nicer way to do (5) but this worked. Hope this saves someone some time. I needlessly did a Time Machine restore and then did the system-breaking update again before realising it was just a stupid text file. Thanks Apple!