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  1. PayCal - Keep Your Cheque In Check!

    Preface: Sorry if this looks like I'm a spammer just going on the forum to advertise my app... It's just my first app and I'm really excited about it, and I think a lot of people could make use of it! PayCal is a new iPhone app that allows you to easily set up your work schedule, whether you work freelance, part-time, or have multiple jobs! Shifts are color-coded by job and stored in the shift tray, with the length of each shift visible on each shift's icon. The shift tray can be accessed by simply swiping down from the navigation bar. You can store as many shifts as you like, tap a shift to start adding it, and tap all the dates you want to schedule the shift on. PayCal will also calculate how much you are making on each shift, and it will show you your gross pay on pay days. To celebrate PayCal's launch last Sunday, the app is currently available at 50% OFF (99 cents in US & Canada)! There is currently no other app on the App Store that offers the functionality and flexibility of PayCal. Click Here To Go To PayCalApp.com For More Information! Click Here To Go To PayCal On iTunes!
  2. "Think or Drink" my new iOS app

    Wow, this is actually a pretty cool app! I don't really drink but if I did I would totally buy this. My first app was just released a few days ago as well.
  3. Introduce yourself

    I'm Sam... I'm 20, I design and conceptualize iPhone and Android applications. I like forums. lawl.
  4. Your favorite iPhone/iPad app

    I could be tempted to name that my own app is my favourite (PayCal) here... Haha... But since making it I have no use for it, as it's mainly for freelancers and part-timers... My real favourite app is probably Stylish Sprint, which is a kind of crappy-looking app made by some developers in China that hasn't been updated for a year (STILL no Retina Display support, amazingly!).. But the game play is just so addictive! lol