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  1. Hi MaLd0N. I am a very noob on Hackintosh so I tried to follow a build for people's recommendation. My spec is Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Gaming 7 8700K Samsung NVME 960 Pro 512GB Crucial DDR4 2133 8GB x 2 ASUS AC68 Wifi Corsair HX850 Powersupply Cooler Master LiquidMaster 280 Pro 3TB WD & Seagate Sata HDD Samsung 840 Pro 250GB BIOS SETTINGS Fast Boot : Disabled PAN PXE Boot Option ROM : Disabled Storage Boot Option Control : UEFI Trusted Computing -> Security Device Support : Disabled Network Stack : Disabled Legacy USB Support : Auto XHCI Hand-off : Enabled Wake on LAN : Disabled Vt-d : Disabled (Enable it?) IOAPIC 24-119 : Enabled Integrated Graphics : Enabled ( Disable it?) I just copied and pasted someone's EFI folder and somehow it works but it is a bit laggy RAM is 16GB but show as 32GB Also can I delete 'Install from HACKINTOSH(My HDD name)' option from booting? I tried to attach but file is bigger than 10MB so I created a link to download. https://www.dropbox.com/s/17jh1v39o1h6lfu/EFI.zip?dl=0 Would you please have a look? Thank you.
  2. ryanonit

    Anyone up to develop a working kext for DW1520?

    Hi, I can't find ar280 you mentioned. Can you tell me the exact model no? I'm looking for one to replace my dw1520. Thank you.