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  1. Hey Guys I did try to underclock my 6850 down to the speeds of the 4870 but that didn't help. I used the vBios to underclock but to no avail. I took all of the performance levels and bumped them down to 500Mhz and it didn't resolve anything. I wasn't able to see any power saving feature in rbe, so I couldn't do that step. I'm Guessing that it may still be this emulation stuff, I could try to use this kernel on an intel ivy to determine whether it is the kernel og cpu, that is if the kernel works on Intel? Best Regards Racermussen
  2. @Justin I did some research on your problem, and it appears that mac users get the same problems https://discussions....art=15&tstart=0 Unfortunately there seemed to be no solution. @Mad Marcsen Sure I could try it, even try to underclock it, did you do it through the video card's bios or through software, let me know Best Regards Racermussen
  3. Hi all thanks for your work I can tell you that an ati 6850HD is capable of using full resolution and accelaretes everything but with garbled graphics where an ati 4870HD is capable of using full resolution and accelerates everything + it almost functions without garbled graphics - only appears when using chrome or some html5 videos. Best Regards Racermussen
  4. Hey Anv Worked here, and were faster compared to your previous kernel but for some reason my 6850 acts up where my 4870 is acting as it should, without garbling in osx. Thx here take a  Best Regards Racermussen
  5. Hey Guys THANKS It works for me now, just a slightly little problem, I can't accelerate my GFX Every time I say GraphicsEnabler=Yes It responds by giving me DSMOS has arrived And if I delete ATI kext then I get Still waiting for root device Any of you who have been able to fire up your gfx, btw mine is a HD6850. Best Regards Racermussen