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  1. I have a question as to Garageband. Does Garageband use QE/CI? I just successfully got it working and I grew curious cause I thought it was impossible.
  2. Great work Zenith! I've been trying to figure out a way to use Mac OS X on my laptop ever since I gave up my macbook pro for a g73jh. Thanks to your brilliant work I'm now able to use Mac in vmware. Now I have a question: Since practically every GPU supports OpenGL nowadays couldn't the function calls to the GPU by the operating system be directed straight to the GPU on the host system without any sort of interference? I was thinking that if we created an extension of sorts for the VMWare workstation host couldn't we develop a driver that would direct the calls to the GPU. I'm not really a programmer but logically thinking I thought this could be possible. Another thought that occurred to me was that Apple already provides the drivers for various GPUs; on such systems would it be possible to allow the system to access the GPU of say the i5-HD3000 series GPUs since Apple already natively supports it? I have already read the thread on enabling QE/CI in VMWare and that it would require VMWare's own contribution but I thought that this may also be a viable solution. Only thinking logically here, no sort of experience with programming except designing a quadratic equation solver in a command prompt interface with C++. Thanks for the great work! Keep it coming.