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  1. mushr00m: does sleep mode for computer and/or monitor work for you on the a8jp? what else except from the default setting from ideneb u had to install on your a8jp in order for the a8jp to work completely(?) with osx86? any smc-thing? which kernel do you use? any disadv. using the 9.2.0 speedstep? does dualdisplay with notebook mointor AND external dvi-monitor (extended desktop) work on the a8jp? i might need to try your info.plist, thx for that! cheerio
  2. Thanks for this thread mushr00m! Now the display of my Asus A8JP is working, finally! Been waiting for years for a working solutions, thanks a lot man!! For the records: - using iDeneb v1.3 10.5.5 - my EDID (from Phoenix) is the same as mushrooms (of course, its the same display). my error was pasting the correct edid-contents into the plist (do not copy the :00xxx thing at the beginning of every row of your hex-file into the hex->base64 converter) - the display didnt work properly with the 3 files from the first post of this thread, it only works if i use the ATIinject.kext from the first post only (which contains my EDID), and use the iDeneb-Original ATIRadeonX1000.kext and ATINDRV.kext @mushr00m: 1 - is there a way to silence your fan in iDeneb-OSX? (No, i didnt yet install the speedstep-kernel from ideneb) under XP i use NHC to control the fan-speed and underclock the cpu. 2 - do external displays work on your a8jp connected to the dvi? in dual out mode? cheers and thx again a lot mushr00m and all the others for all this here!
  3. having trouble extracting the EDID with phoenix on the Asus A8JP, same as mushr00ms: in phoenix i get 4 display drivers in the registry to choose from: ACR6601 AUO1247 HWP26A9 PNP09FE which one should i extract the EDID from? i guess AUO, since that is the manufacturer of the display in the a8jp, isnt it? mushr00m: could you post your edid you are successfully using on your a8jp? or is it the one on the first post of this thread? have a happy new year yall! cheerio
  4. ATi Mobility Radeon x1700

    hi pentiumiv, the backlight problem as mentioned in that answer in this thread by sylvanus...
  5. ATi Mobility Radeon x1700

    any news on x1700 and backlight-problem? cheerio and a happy new year yall!
  6. ATi Mobility Radeon x1700

    sylvanus: also have a a8jp-notebook here and i am in the process of installing leo on it now, since the good news of mobility x1700 being usable with qe/ci and full resolution. i am not yet at the point of changing the gfx-kext, but what ATINDRV-Version gave you full resolution+qe/ci? thx and props to all of you guys making the x1700 finally work! cheerio
  7. best osx86 leopard distribution

    yes, brasilianmacs tutorial+patched files work very nice, sound, gbit lan, all working outta the box (after patching). cheers
  8. Install OSX86 on Gigabyte G33M-DS2R

    @nargot, jgx et at. : does your dual-dvi on the 7600 gt work with 2 tft displays connected BOTH directly dvi to dvi? or is one always connected via dvi to vga adapter?!?! looking for a gfx-card that allows true 2xdvi-out on osx with 2 tft-displays connected via dvi to dvi , not dvi to vga.
  9. [AIDE] Question de boulet sur les cartes graphiques

    gotoh: merci pour le feedback. il y a des cartes 7600gt qui functionne aves les deux dvi a meme temps? par example le 7600gt, qui coste moins. parce-qu'e j'ai besoin de une carte avec deux dvi-out qui ne coste pas beaucoup d'argent...quelle carte tu sugeste? c'est necessaire que la carte a 256mb ou c'est possible aves 512mb cartes aussi? ..excusez moi pour "captiver" le thread merci!
  10. [AIDE] Question de boulet sur les cartes graphiques

    this works dvi to dvi on both ports or is one port dvi to vga? any other cards you know that work with dual dvi-out connected dvi to dvi (not dvi to vga) thx
  11. XFX GeForce 7600GT

    cos54r: do both dvi-ports of the 7600gt work connected as dvi-dvi or is one connected dvi-vga-dvi? cheers
  12. ATI Mobility X1600, X1700 and others

    rigteye: thanks a lot for your efforts! you think that QE/CI has a chance on the Mobility Radeon X1700 ? Thanks!
  13. X1700 kernel panic | Screenshot inside!

    any news on diabolik's x1700 kext? working?
  14. Mac OS X on ASUS A8M00Jp (A8H00Jp)

    heya, any1 having installed osx on the asus A8Jp (or A8Js) - i know qe/ci anint working (yet) .. but what about the cpu-fan, does it always run, like in vista? or does it run only sometimes like in xp with nhc installed? or does it ever run? thx .. thants my main concern ..noise on the a8jp.. and the x1700 is going to support qe/ci hopefully soon cheerio
  15. Thanks for this infos! Very useful! So it seems that ATI 1700 Mobility is supported in current versions of Leopard 10.5 - and NOT in current versions of 10.4.x. Is there a way to make these leopard 10.5 drivers work in 10.4.x or is waiting for a final 10.5 the only solution for ATI 1700 Mobility users like me? Cheerio