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  1. HP dv6 LCD brightness issue

    laptop hp dv6-6160, intel core i7 2630QM / Ati 6490m / Intel 3000 / IDT HD audio / Broadcom 4313 Wi-Fi Almost anything is ok, but default brightness level is low enough and there is no way to raise it unless to turn laptop into sleep mode or wait until display turns off. After this brightness level becomes normal and i can control by my wish. DSDT edited for enabling brightness slider in display preferences. Also every system starting bluetooth keyboard assistant appears. Apple thinks that there is no keyboard installed. But he's wrong. That's not so important but annoying a little
  2. Hi, macgeeks. So, I've installed Lion on my laptop HP dv6-6160er from almost original Lion DVD (with chameleon bootloader built-in). I'll describe issues those appeared after installing the last one. 1. System starts everytime but the screen output became working after erasing all AppleIntelHD, and SNBGraphics kexts. Of course screen works in safe mode and its resolution is 1024x768 without QE/CI enabled. I've tried couple of tricks to make my Intel HD 3000 work with acceleration and QE/CI. What about the second videoadapter...Radeon 6490m, all my hopes to launch it are already broken. 2. Sound IDT 92HD81B1X launches only with Voodoo library. 3. Lan Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller[/b ]and Wlan[b] Broadcom 4313 cards don't work) The most important thing for me is to start at least Intel HD 3000. I've already pasted to my DSDT its id. And Chimera bootloader catches it at the boot time. So, here is the screenshot of the system boot. I think a problem seems to be in the string: Can't load kext com.apple.driver.AppleIntelHDGraphics. Maybe my problem is simple enough. Looking for someone's help. Thanks to all anyway. And excuse for my bad english