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  1. Hey everyone, I am trying to install Leopard on my MDG computer (Pentium 4 w/ SSE3 support, 2 gigs ram, intel mobo, SoundMAX audio, Radeon X700) I have tried 3 different install cds - Leo4All, iPC and iATKOS_v5 iATKOS was the only CD I was able to get to boot. It installs sucesfully, but then upon launching after install it always kernel panics. I have tried both the Voodoo and the ToH kernels, but I am not sure what other options to select in terms of decrypters and stuff. Attached below are my system specs. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!! Thank you so much guys! -C
  2. gilpin

    Vista Installed

    If you are not able to install because Vista doesn't let you choose the partition: Choose the partition that you want to install to (make sure that you choose the correct one or else you'll lose everything else!) Format the partition Restart the computer right back into the Vista installer and away you go. No deleting the EFI 200mb partition or anything. (This is with build 5600, 32bit)
  3. gilpin

    10.4.4 / 5 no SSE3 for A64s

    Hi macgirl, I have a Pentium 4 3ghz which in 10.4.1 listed as having SSE3. How do i modify my kernel to allow SSE3 to be recognized? Thanks a lot, Chris