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  1. OSX86 HTPC

    does anyone know if apple remote work with this build? is the apple remote IR and if so do I need to add some kind of IR receiver to this build? Moon
  2. well i flashed the wrong bios and killed the mobo... waiting on a return from newegg to give this thing another try
  3. HELP!!! I'm pulling my hair out (and that's tuff since I shave my head I've got this board with Core Duo 2180 and i've installed Kalyway 10.5.2. Got the XD enabled and all installs, boots fine, but when I shutdown the computer and then hit the power button it won't POST. I have to reset/clear the CMOS to get it to POST again. This is really frustrating and I'm thinking it's a probloem with the board except if I'm just restarting from BIOS (without OSX booting) it restarts fine. Anyone had this problem? Please help! Moon
  4. Hey Jjumper, thanks for the reply on the fan thing... I was hoping that this CPU had speedstep or that the version of hack osx supported it. the fan just seems loud to me (guess I'm getting sensitive in my old age hahaha) I also have vmware fusion working with tinyxp...seems to run fine thinking about popping a graphics card into this build to see if it will help the refresh a little... anyone have experience with a graphics card in this build Moon
  5. Anyone have the fan running at 100% all the time? Anyway to fix this? thanks! Moon
  6. hey guys so far the build and install is going well... one thing... my CPU fan seems to be running at full speed all the time. is that normal? thanks Moon
  7. anyone know if you can overclock the Atom mobo? anyone heard updates on the new dualcore Atom mobo?
  8. Sort of solution to the problem of headphones on the e1705... one I installed the STAC9200 with APPLE HDA I plugged in my Griffin iMic to the USC port and I was able to listen to headphones and the speakers were muted. Not the best solution but better than nothin' for now Good luck! Moon
  9. Hey all, Okay this one is causing me to pull out my hair (well since I'm bald maybe that isn't such a big deal). I'm trying to install 10.5.1 on my Dell e1705. - I've got cpu=1 - I've got speedstep off - I've got the crappy ATI x1400 graphics card - using a complete HD (no dual boot messiness) formatted GUID then tried MBR - I've tried Brazilmac, Kalyway and iATKOS DVDs So here's what happeneing: I get up to and through the final INSTALL and then everything seems great, but while the OS is installing at some point (either around 2% or 80% depending on which DVD I use) the thing HANGS... won't go any farther and I have to manually reboot and try again. Tried this about 10 times this weekend. Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Moon
  10. XxX_OS_x86_10.4.11_Install_Disc_Intel

    HELP!!! I've got a Intel Bad Axe 2 mobo running with Q6600 cpu ... i've installed from the XxX dvd using the basic settings. when i reboot the system now doesnt recognize HD (I've installed JAS 10.4.8 and it worked okay) but now nothing happens past POST anyone have any ideas??? Moon
  11. And if you do can you please tell me how you did it? I've been pulling my hair out for two days trying to get to load but JAS 10.4.8 won't even boot. HELP!!! Moon
  12. sorry for the totally noob questions but how do i create a brazilmac dvd? I have the brazilmac patch and I have the kalyway dvd iso but now i'm stuck i've searched the forums but no lock any help appreciated moon
  13. Hey all, Want to build my own Hackintosh to run FCP2. Can some of you folks that have running/working system post your system specs? Thanks a bunch! Moon